Wotofo Lush RDA

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The Wotofo Lush RDA combines ultra-modern manufacturing techniques with a solid RDA foundation to produce a combination that'll take your breath away!

This dripper features unique vortex airflow, with six 2mm holes in each side, drilled diagonally, and at an angle to the top cap! You've got to see these airflow holes to believe them. More cyclonic airflow in the chamber means fewer dead spots and more even vapor production.

The Wotofo Lush RDA isn't just a one-hit wonder, though: this rebuildable atomizer draws deeply from the backcatalog of Wotofo's RDA lines. A 10mm juice well keeps your wicks wet, and deckmilled cutaway negative posts make sure your posts stay in place for years to come. 4 post-hole, 3-post design makes for easy coil positioning, and you could practically thread an 18650 down these Allen-secured post holes. (No, but not really. Please don't try.) Dual o-rings make the topcap slide like you've buttered it, but keep the juice off your mod.

The Wotofo Lush RDA includes a black Delrin 510 drip tip adapter for your favorite drip tip, or use the included Delrin wide-bore drip tip. And just look at these finishes! The spatter effect is incredibly novel and absolutely top-quality, and is sure to draw comments wherever you vape these RDAs. Pick one of each up today!

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