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VU353 (Lab) Eleaf Pico Squeeze Kit

Intro to Squonking

Chances are, if you're in this class, you already know what squonking is, but just in case, and before we get into this amazing new squonking kit, let's review a bit. On a regular Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer (RDA), you have to drip liquid in from the top of the atomizer, and then maybe get a few hits out of it before you have to pull out your bottle and dripper and get a little more in there. This is the price we've always had to pay for the flavor and flexibility of using a rebuildable atomizer. One solution to the problem in the past has been the Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer (RDTA), also known as the Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA), in which your rebuilable coils go inside a tank, but the compromise here has been that build decks end up being quite small, because they have to fit inside a tank.

Eleaf Pico Squeeze Kit with Coral RDA, doing things

Eleaf Pico Squeeze Kit with Coral RDA, doing things

Squonking changes all that. A squonk, or squonking RDA, is a fairly conventional RDA with one major change: it has a bottle connected to it, through the center of its 510 connector, that can feed liquid up through the bottom of the build deck. Thus you have the flavor and flexibility of an RDA, but with more capacity than a tank, and a bigger build deck than an RDTA! Can it really be this simple?

Eleaf Pico Squeeze Kit with Coral RDA, it really is that simple, and in fact, there's no simpler way to get into squonking than this amazing all-in-one squonking kit!

Eleaf Pico Squeeze Kit with Coral Squonk RDA, ready to build on

Eleaf Pico Squeeze Kit with Coral Squonk RDA, ready to build on

What's in the Box?

First, we'll take a look at what's in the box, then we'll put it all together, and finally, we'll actually use this fantastic little thing to do some vaping, because this is a lab, after all!

Most obviously, in the box, you'll find the Eleaf Pico Squeeze mod itself. This small box mod has no screen, and only a single control: the firing button. That's because it works like a regulated mod in bypass mode: while it has protections, it's feeding the battery's voltage to the coils, whatever that voltage may be. Also note the USB port, and the indicator light: more on these later. The Eleaf Pico Squeeze doesn't come with a battery, so you'll want to snag one of our high-drain 16850 vape batteries to power it. When choosing a battery, keep in mind the maximum output of the mod is 50 watts, and the resistance range of 0.15 ohm to 3.5 ohm, when figuring out your vaping battery amperage needs.

Next there's the squonk bottle itself. Not a lot to say about this: it's literally just a squeezable plastic bottle, but check out the size of it! 6.5 ml is bigger than just about any tank on the market, and a lot bigger than any RDTA we've got.

Obviously there's also the Coral squonking RDA, without which the mod and bottle wouldn't be of much use. This two-post squonking RDA is custom-made for the Pico Squeeze, and may or may not work with any other squonk mod. It's got a huge build deck, and because it's a squonk, it doesn't need a deep well to have a huge capacity. It's got adjustable airflow up top, with two o-rings for a great seal.

Also in the box are two pre-wound Clapton coils, a pack of Japanese organic cotton, and a Philips screwdriver, all for the building of your RDA. And finally, a USB cable for charging - about which, more, later - and a user manual, which I'd definitely advise checking out.

Building the Perfect Beast

First thing's first: let's get a build in that Coral RDA deck. The pre-built coils are some nice Claptons, and more importantly, they give you a good idea of the shape your own coils will need to be. A little outward dogleg helps line up the coils with the holes. Loosen the grub screws with the included screwdriver, thread one coil's legs through, then the others', and finally tighten those screws back down. Thread some wick through, trim your ends, and make sure they're nicely touching the bottom of the build deck, because remember, that's where the vape juice is coming in. I like to leave the center hole on each side uncovered, but the wick should rest nicely on the outer holes. It's not necessary to prime the coils from above, but you may as well, while you're here. Get 'em nice and wet, and throw that Coral RDA topcap on, making sure to line up the airflow holes with the sides of the coils. Set the RDA aside for the moment, because now it's mod time.

Eleaf Coral Squonking RDA, showing build deck

Eleaf Coral Squonking RDA, showing build deck

That squonk bottle pulls out of the mod pretty simply: just pop off the strong magnetic cover on the bottom and set it aside, then squeeze and pull the squonk bottle downward, giving it a little twist back and forth once you can get ahold of the bottom of it. It's in there pretty good - so it won't leak - but don't worry, it'll come out. Fill the squonk - not all the way! leave some room for the needle - with your favorite Mister-E-Liquid vape juice, and press it back into its home inside the Pico Squeeze. Screw the Coral RDA onto the top, and give that bottle a little squeeze. See the fluid filling your vape juice well? Nice.

Battery time. Grab your 18650, unscrew the battery cap, and slide that vape battery in there, positive end down. Replace the battery cap, and give the fire button five quick presses. The LED indicator above the USB port should blink 5 times to tell you it's turned on, then stay steady on for a few seconds (if your battery is full, and why wouldn't it be?). You're ready to squonk!

Eleaf Pico Squeeze Kit, charging from USB

Eleaf Pico Squeeze Kit, charging from USB

Wasn't that simple?

A couple final usage notes. That LED indicator will tell you, after you've finished a drag, how much battery life is left. There's a chart in the manual, but the upshot is that the quicker it blinks, the more empty the battery is. And yes, you can charge the battery from the built-in USB port, and its powerful 5056 single cell charge controller has a number of built-in protections, but you should only use a 1A charger, and you're only going to get about an 800 mA charge rate. It's just better to use an external vape battery charger when possible, but it's nice to know that in a pinch you can plug it into any computer or whatever.

When it comes time to build your own coils, keep the wattage and resistance limits in mind. It's tempting to throw some Fused Clapton Ninja Coils on there, but you're just begging for a long ramp-up period then, no matter how great the flavor will (eventually!) be. Even the stock Clapton coils take a sec to get hot; you may find builds closer to 0.5 ohm and even higher give you a more immediate experience.

And that, students, is today's lesson on the fabulous Eleaf Pico Squeeze Kit with Coral RDA. If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us, either by phone at 855-647-8373, by email at CustomerService@Mister-E-Liquid.com, or via live chat on any page of Mister-E-Liquid.com. If social media's more your thing, you can find us on Facebook or Instagram: we're always happy to help!

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