VU351 (Lab) Geekvape Peerless RDA

Geekvape has brought an RDA to market that's so special, so powerful, so flexible that there's only one name for it. If you've designed an RDA that truly has no equal, what else can you call it but Peerless? The Geekvape Peerless RDA is one of the most cleverly-designed RDAs we've looked at, and a strong contender for your next rebuildable dripping atomizer!

There are two versions of the Peerless, and we'll note the differences right up front, because it's the similarities you're going to be most interested in. The Special Edition stands out with its all-stainless-steel construction, but the standard edition looks incredible in black, with its beautiful gold-plated build deck. That standard edition has an alternate, wide-bore top cap, while the special edition includes an alternate wide-bore drip tip. Those are really the only differences!

What they have in common is where things get special. The build deck is deep - so deep! - allowing plenty of e-liquid (and necessitating slightly longer wick cuts, so don't forget that when building!) in the well, so you're not dripping after every few vapes. At 9mm, it's one of the deepest we've seen here. There's also a very wide opening under and between the posts, so e-liquid doesn't get trapped on just one side, particularly in a single-coil build.

These posts are really something special. They include two separate sets of wire slots: the upper slots are smaller, and ideal for your single-core round wire builds, while the lower slots are HUGE, allowing for your most complex multi-strand compound wires. No more trying to jam 6-ply framed staple Ninja Wire into holes way too small for it, and no more trying to get grub screws to nail down Titanium Vapowire in slots waaay too big for it on your temp control builds. Both sets of wire slots are large enough for dual-coil cloud builds, while still staying tight on single-coil high-flavor builds. Geekvape doesn't want you to have to choose, they want you to have all the flexibility you need in one RDA!

Building on an RDA has never been simpler. Not only do these very flexible post holes help with whatever wire you're using, but their spacing and the size of the deck allows for even multi-wrap compound wire builds; we got seven wraps on Ninja Wire 6 Ply Framed Staple, with room to spare! Plus they include all the tools you need in an awesome t-handle.

The topcaps lend themselves to flexibility, as well: while a lot of topcaps are moving to allowing only dual-coil airflow, Geekvape's Peerless RDA features a multi-slot angled-hole system that lets you dial in "pinhole" to "cavernous" on either single or dual-coil builds! This is the mark of a company that's not just interested in cranking out new RDAs for novelty only: Geekvape is actually doing real engineering work on these things, and constantly improving their designs over time.

Geekvape Peerless RDA, fully loaded
Geekvape Peerless RDA, fully loaded

You want to talk about flexibility and options, how about an included squonk pin? No more drill-and-fill, Geekvape gives you everything you need to set about squonking. If you haven't seen a squonking setup before, you're missing out! What a squonk does is replace the 510 pin with a tube that feeds into an external bottle of e-liquid, usually in your mod. Just squeeze that bottle, and bottom-feed e-liquid right into the juice well. No more eyedroppers, just constant availability of fresh juice. Including the replacement squonk pin right in the package, for a price like this, on an RDA of this quality, is amazing!

It's been a while since we've been as excited about an RDA as we are about the Geekvape Peerless RDA. With flexible build options, provision for round or compound wire, dual- or single-coil, and even an included squonk pin, this RDA is truly without peer!

Check out our review video, below, for additional details, including a full single-coil build!

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