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VU302 Premade vs Rebuildable Coils

It's time to make a big decision. You've presumably been vaping for a while now, or you wouldn't be in this particular classroom during this particular class, and you're starting to wonder: is there something more? Well, this being vaping, the answer is that of course there's something more! Today we're going to help you decide what's right for you: prebuilt coils, or rebuildable coils.

Let's talk a little about each of those, so we're all on the same page. There are two coil options for vapers. The first is premade coils sold by established vape companies, generally to fit their tanks, manufactured in bulk and generally intended to be disposable. The second is rebuildable coils, which the user hand-makes from vaping wire (or at least hand-fits) for whatever rebuildable atomizer or rebuildable tank atomizer they have. There are a variety of considerations for each type of wire, and there's no one clear right way, so what we're going to do is talk about those considerations, and how each type of coil addresses them. Then, finally, we'll wrap up by discussing a couple of middle ground options that are very dear to our hearts.

Premade vape coils

Premade vape coils

How Easy is This?

The first consideration, as is often the case, is convenience. Premade coils come in sealed blisted packs, and installing them is as simple as popping one out and screwing it in. Rebuildable coils, on the other hand, need to be hand-wound, and carefully installed, measured, tweaked, and wicked until the ideal performance is reached.

In terms of ease of purchase, premade vape coils are available in every vape shop, but not really available anywhere else. Vaping wire isn't particularly common, even at vape shops, but high-quality cotton to use as a wick is available broadly.

Which What Works With Who?

Premade coils work in the tanks they were made for, and generally nothing else (except a few manufacturers who share coils). Rebuildable coils require either a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA), or a rebuildable tank atomizer (RTA), but can be custom-fit to work with whatever rebuildable atomizer is in use. You can't put your premade coils in an RDA, and you can't build your own coils for your tank, but RTAs are a nice middle ground, and often RTA (or "RBA", for "rebuildable atomizer") heads are available for the same tank premade coils are.

Are They All This Way?

Sadly, not all coils are the same, even premade factory coils. While the vast majority of factory coils give the same experience every time, there have been some quality control issues that have made their way to the marketplace, resulting in some bad coils. These duds can be a real bummer, particularly if the only coil you brought was a bad one. Conversely, rebuildable coils, if they're not right, are not right because of something you did, which means you can undo it!

Can We Afford This?

Premade coils generally cost from $1 to $5, and will last from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the vape juice you vape and the frequency with which you vape it. When they're done, they're done: without awkward and marginal cleaning (not generally considered worth it), they're garbage, fit only to throw in the trash. Rebuildable coils, on the other hand, can have their wick removed and replaced, and their coils themselves cleaned of any "gunk" built up on the surface of the coil. Wire is inexpensive in bulk - ten bucks for thirty feet - and Ninja Wick is the ideal wicking material for a handful of dollars.

Do I Need to Have Some Sort of Degree?

Premade coils require almost no knowledge to use. They often have their wattage limits written right on the coil, their installation is trivial, and they require no specialized equipment.

A 30 foot spool of Vapowire Kanthal A-1 resistance wire

A 30 foot spool of Vapowire Kanthal A-1 resistance wire

Rebuildable coils, on the other hand, require a firm understanding of Ohm's Law, and no small amount of gear. Building your own coils requires either wrapping tools like the Kuro Koiler, or else a firm hand with a set of screwdrivers. You'll also need ceramic tweezers, and the knowledge of what to do with them. Complex multicore wire like clapton or framed staple benefits from weights and swivels and drills. Coils will have to be wrapped, tested, and tuned, to make sure you're hitting safe amperage with the desired setup. Failure can result in a bad vaping experience, up to and including risk of explosion.

What Are My Options, Again?

Premade coils are what they are, and essentially cannot be modified. You can control the wattage you give them, but every other characteristic is set by the manufacturer. While many tanks will have three or four different coil options, your control ends there. You get the flavor and vapor the manufacturer makes possible, and that's about it, give or take airflow adjustments and whatnot.

Rebuildable coils, though, are like building your own anything: you can make the experience yours, perfectly yours, exactly yours. Larger coils, smaller coils, high resistance or low, big fat complex wires or slim single-core. Virtually everything about the vapor production and flavor are yours to control, however you see fit. If there's a massive advantage to building your own coils, besides the cost savings, here it is!

Ninja Wire

Ninja Wire

An Alternative Middle

So wrapping complex multicore wire is hard, and you don't have the gear for it. We have a solution for that, and it's called Ninja Wire Designer Wire. It comes in pre-cut sticks, and is handmade by our own expert wiresmith. It still requires you to understand Ohm's Law, and know how to cut wire and pinch coils, but all that framing and stapling is done for you.

Ninja coils prewrapped vape coils

Ninja coils prewrapped vape coils

But maybe you want the power of an RDA without even worrying about winding. We actually have a solution for that, as well: Ninja Coils! These pre-wrapped complex wire coils offer maximum flavor and vapor in your rebuildable device, but require a lot less skill and gear to install and wick. You lose some of the benefits of customizability, but also gain back some of that ease and convenience.

If You're Still Not Sure

If you'd like some more advice about whether premade coils or rebuildable coils are best for you, stop by one of our local Mister-E's or BloNoSmoke vape shops and talk with one of our customer specialists today! If you're not close, or not much with people, please don't hesitate to contact us, either by phone at 855-647-8373, by email at CustomerService@Mister-E-Liquid.com, or via live chat on any page of Mister-E-Liquid.com. If social media's more your thing, you can find us on Facebook or Instagram: we're always happy to help!

Thank you for joining us today at Vape Education. Class dismissed!

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