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VU259 (Lab) iJoy Shogun Univ Mod

Good morning, scholars! Grab your tablets and your very favorite tank, because today we're taking a deep look at the iJoy Shogun Univ mod. Does its unique appearance, huge array of features, and massive output give this box mod what it takes to rule? ...you know, because Shoguns were rulers of Japan during their feudal period, and - you know what? Let's set that aside for the moment, and get back to this awesome mod.

iJoy Shogun Univ Mod, in Black Galactic Hurricane, Black Hellfire and Black Splendor

iJoy Shogun Univ Mod, in Black Galactic Hurricane, Black Hellfire and Black Splendor

First thing's first, just open up this box and take a glorious look. Yep, those are real resin colorways, not some sticker. (Remember that means they'll all be unique!) But iJoy cleverly didn't make the whole Shogun box mod out of resin: they built the frame out of metal, for durability and cost reduction. And that's really the key to this whole mod, see, is that it's got the soul of a workhorse, dressed up like a show pony.

iJoy Shogun Univ Mod, battery door open

iJoy Shogun Univ Mod, battery door open

Because apart from the gorgeous resin colorways, and the incredibly tactile buttons, this mod is a seriously hard worker. With dual 18650s, of course it has a lot of power on tap - up to 180 watts - but the new Univ chipset takes things way beyond that - but without offering so many menu options you need a university degree to use the thing.

Temperature control, sure, with support for nickel (Ni), titanium (Ti), and stainless steel (SS), plus two custom material slots. It also has a wattage curve feature, which iJoy calls "PMODE", which is a lot more funny when you've said it out loud five or ten times. PMODE allows you to set the ramp-in of power as you hit your vape, and in addition to three basic "Normal", "Hard", and "Soft", it's got a custom setting that'll let you set your wattage for the first three seconds of your puff, in half-second increments. And as with everything else, iJoy lays it out in a few simple, easy-to-use menus, so you don't have to study up on your box mod.

Amazingly, the iJoy Shogun Univ also has a Pod Mode, which, together with their 510-to-pod adapter, lets you use pods directly on the same mod you're using tanks and RDAs on! No more carrying around two batteries: just use your pod right on a dual-18650 box mod. Now THERE'S some battery life.

iJoy Shogun Univ Mod, lying down sleeping

iJoy Shogun Univ Mod, lying down sleeping

It's got a couple of little features, too, that make life convenient: a magnetic battery door, for one, which securely keeps that resin battery door in place. Plus a centered 510 connector, for using basically any size tank or RDA you want.

You have your box mod in your hand all day, so you want a nice one. You want one that looks and feels good. But you can't be vaping on an expensive handmade stabilized wood box mod when you're out on the town. You need something that always works, something durable and simple, yet with the power to get the job done all day every day. That's the iJoy Shogun Univ box mod: dressed fancy, but made to work, and at a price that doesn't leave you scared to have it with you all day.

If you've got more questions, about this spectacular new box mod, or anything vape-related, hit me up by calling 855-647-8373, emailing me at CustomerService@Mister-E-Liquid.com, or dropping in via live chat on any page of Mister-E-Liquid.com. And hey, if you're more into the social media, I'm available on Facebook, as well: I'm always happy to help!

Class dismissed!

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