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VU257 (Lab) UWELL Crown IV Kit

Good day, students! Today we’re going to be checking out a majestic mod and tank kit that’s going to make you feel like royalty. And we’re going to be testing how many “crown” puns we slip in before you all start throwing school supplies at me, because today we’re looking at the UWELL Crown IV Kit!

First, a little history of the long reign of UWELL’s Crown tank series. The original Crown came out in 2015, and with its Quartz glass and both top and bottom fill, was well-received. The Crown II followed, with some anti-leaking advancements, and generally kept pace with the sub-ohm tank market of the time. The UWELL Crown III tank brought a bump in capacity to 5 ml, and the extremely well-designed plug-pull coil system, and remains one of our favorite tanks.

UWELL Crown IV Kit, in hand

UWELL Crown IV Kit, in hand

Which brings us to the UWELL Crown IV - or UWELL Crown 4, if you have some sort of problem with the Romans and their numerals. Not only has UWELL upped their sub-ohm tank game with the new Crown IV, but for the first time, they’re also making it part of a kit! (The Crown III was available with the Ironfist, sure, but this is a whole Crown 4 Kit!)

So let’s open ourselves some boxes - this is a lab, after all - and start looking at what we’ve got here.

UWELL Crown IV Kit, disassembled

UWELL Crown IV Kit, disassembled

The UWELL Crown IV Mod

The first thing you really notice about this thing is that it’s heavy, like, “quality” heavy. This is a serious mod, not one of these dinky fragile things. It’s zinc alloy, with polycarbonate - you know, the stuff they make bulletproof glass out of - and ABS, plus aluminum so it’s not TOO heavy, and some strategic silicone. Good stuff.

This is a dual-18650 mod, and as you’d expect, it’ll handle wattages from 5 to 200 watts. It’s dual-channel, too, so each battery gets its own power gauge. In addition to its new SS904 TC mode - which we’ll come back to, promise - it has a Power mode and a Temperature Control mode, the latter with a pretty industry-standard temperature control range from 200-600°F (or 100-315°C, in the civilized world beyond).

What’s not industry-standard is the design. The Crown 4 Mod has really well-rounded “edges”, so it’s more comfortable in the hand, and less likely to snag going in and out of pockets and bags.

Someone was thinking hard about durability, too: the Crown IV box mod is dual-anodized, on both sides, which prevents the design from wearing as quickly. The magnetic battery door is held on with three powerful magnets, arranged so that you can’t put the door on the wrong way. There are silicone anti-slip/anti-wear bumpers on the bottom, which not only protect the paint from chips and dings, but also stop the mod from sliding around when it’s sitting down.

Oh, uh, which would make you look like a jester. We’re not getting away from that “crown” thing, I can assure you.

The durability isn’t just on the outside: the new PCB - i.e. the circuit board - is conformal coated, like they do to high-end stereos on boats, to help prevent shorts and corrosion. To help prevent that from even being an issue, the 510 connector is leak-proof, so you don’t have vape juice dripping into the body of the box mod that way - which shouldn’t be a problem anyway, he says, foreshadowing something interesting about the Crown IV tank.

Finally, there’s all the protection you’d expect from a high-end box mod: low voltage, reverse polarity, short-circuit, temperature protection, and even a battery imbalance warning to prevent damage when one battery is discharging more quickly than the other.

UWELL Crown IV Tank

UWELL Crown IV Tank

The UWELL Crown IV Tank

The hand-polished UWELL Crown 4 tank rests atop its matching mod like...uh, you know, like that thing kings and queens wear on their heads, whatever it’s called. This is one serious sub-ohm tank: with the installed straight glass, it’s got a 5 ml capacity, with with the included bubble glass, that jumps to 6 ml.

It’s a top-fill, as you’d expect, and one of the easiest out there: a simple 90-degree twist removes the crown of the Crown IV, and you’re greeted with four large fill holes: no more squirting vape juice in only to have surface tension seal the fill hole and drench your lap with Mister-E’s liquid.

With the plug-pull coils, you can remove and replace coils even when the tank is mostly full - say, three-quarters full or less! Just remember that, unlike most tanks, you install the coil in the body of the tank, then put the tank’s base on. But you knew that, right, because you’re not a knave, and totally read the manual first. Wink.

3 large adjustable airflow slots bring in plenty of cool air, but will you look at that: they’re not pouring leaking vape juice, like a lesser, mortal tank. That’s because the Crown IV tank has a patented self-cleaning design where excess vapor and fluid in the airflow chambers is wicked back up into the body of the tank, preventing condensation and overflow drip! This is a big deal, in terms of tidiness, and this clever anti-leak design is worth the price of admission all by itself.

UWELL Crown IV Replacement Coil, with tank

UWELL Crown IV Replacement Coil, with tank

The Crown IV Coils

Two UWELL Crown IV replacement coils come with the kit: they’re both SS904L coils. The 0.4-ohm coil is installed, and there’s an optional 0.2-ohm coil included. Both are made with 904L stainless steel, which is a special alloy made with additional molybdenum, to resist pitting and corrosion, thus extending coil life. This is the same type of stainless steel used on Rolex® watches. These are truly coils fit for royalty! The Crown IV has a special SS904L temperature control mode to make the best use of these amazing new Crown IV coils.

That’s not all: while it’s not included in the kit, we’d be remiss not to mention the UWELL Crown IV 0.23-ohm FeCrAl Aludirome UN2 Mesh Coil, which not only wins awards for lengthiest coil name, but also for flavor and vapor production. This mesh vape coil has increased surface area, for more even temperatures, better flavor, and more vapor. Mesh is the future of vaping, believe me!

Crowning a New Ruler

That’s right: UWELL didn’t abdicate the throne with this one (last one, I promise) but remains the reigning ruler (sorry) of the sub-ohm tank and box mod world. This is the kit to get!

If you've got any questions about this royal kit, or really, about anything vape-related, I am totally available to assist you, either by phone at 855-647-8373, by email at CustomerService@Mister-E-Liquid.com, or via live chat on any page of Mister-E-Liquid.com. If social media's more your thing, you can find me on Facebook: I'm always happy to help!

If you like moving pictures and happy voices, check out the video version of today's lesson, above!

VU258 (Lab) Vaporesso Swag and NRG SE

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