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VU256 (Lab) Geekvape Aegis Legend

From the number of broken phone screens I've swept off the floor in here after every lecture, I know this is an important one. Today we're going to take a look at the mod that's built the way every mod should be built: the Geekvape Aegis Legend.

You all remember the Geekvape Aegis, not least because we talked about it in this class, but the Geekvape Aegis Legend turns everything we loved about that mod up to 11, and leaves behind some of its little annoyances.

What's in the Box?

Well, this massive chunk of a mod, for one thing. Then a USB cable and some screws, a spare cover for the USB port, and a user manual you really ought to read. It's a box mod: they don't come with a zillion things.

So what's the big deal about this mod, then? Well, do you ever canoe? Walk in the rain? Are you maybe clumsy sometimes? Do you work on job sites, or in military environments like "desert" and "more desert"? Do you count your phones in the number of shattered screens? Your mod has arrived.

Geekvape Aegis Legend Mod, in azure trim, stealth black, and rainbow trim

Geekvape Aegis Legend Mod, in azure trim, stealth black, and rainbow trim

This thing is waterproof. Not "water-resistant", but IP67 waterproof, meaning "Protected for up to 1m of immersion for up to 30 minutes". (Please don't do that.) This thing is dust-proof. Its IP67 means it's "Totally protected against dust". This thing is shock-proof. It passed the MID STD 810G-516.6 military grade shockproof test.

This isn't "a rugged box mod", it's "a ruggedized box mod". It's a waterproof box mod. A dust-proof box mod. This is, as they say, A Big Deal. No more dropped and destroyed box mod. No more once in the sink and you're out fifty bucks. No more dry bags when you're canoe camping. No more buttons not working because you live on a dirt road. People dunked the original in beer, dropped them off balconies, and froze them in blocks of ice. (Don't do those things! Those are stupid things to do.) And this one is even more durable.

Geekvape Aegis Legend Mod, bottom view, battery door open

Geekvape Aegis Legend Mod, bottom view, battery door open

What's New, Tho?

Fair enough: the original Aegis had all that, too. But this thing has a few tricks the original Aegis never learned, and the biggest one is that it takes two batteries. Yep, that's right, with its dual 18650 vape batteries and its new AS chipset, the Geekvape Aegis Legend rocks 200 watts.

And look at this new construction: die-cast zinc, powder-coated stainless steel, die-cast aluminum, 40hrc carbon steel, LSR silicone, and some pretty nice leather. These go beyond the original Aegis' "tough good looks" into "well-engineered beauty".

The new screen is a beaut, too: you can change the display colors, which can be novel if you're at home, or can be a nice way to not ruin your night vision when you're on patrol. It's full of all the details you want, too, like power, independent battery level, and temperature control status.

Oh, I didn't mention that part? Yeah, it does TC, too, and not just in half-measures: it's got support for nickel, stainless steel, and titanium, plus manual TCR input for other wire types. That incredible AS chipset also does Variable Power Curve (VPC), so you can adjust the ramp-up and go from "slow build" to "DROP THE BEAT".

No longer is that USB port just for firmware updates, either: it's a charger now, and while we think the best vape battery charger is a vape battery charger, we also know things happen and you need wattage now, not when you're home. Now you can charge off your portable USB power bank, or off your solar charger, or whatevs. For those of us who live a rough life outdoors - and look at this face; does this look like the face of someone who hasn't been dragged along a river bottom? - this is nothing short of revolutionary.

Geekvape Aegis Legend Mod, box contents

Geekvape Aegis Legend Mod, box contents

Do I Really Need One?

Look, we're not all first responders or Navy SEALs. We're not all hunters and campers, we don't all fish or canoe. But we ALL drop things. We ALL are near water all the time. We ALL hate buying new box mods because of one dumb fumble-fingered mistake. Don't cost yourself another handful of hard-earned, don't miss out on vaping for an evening because of one slip. The Geekvape Aegis Legend has all the features you need from a box mod, and then also is waterproof, dustproof, and darned near indestructible. Yeah, you really need one, because we ALL do. Get it today!

Wanna know more about the most durable box mod ever, or just have vaping questions? Contact me any time, either by phone at 855-647-8373, by email at CustomerService@Mister-E-Liquid.com, or via live chat on any page of Mister-E-Liquid.com. If social media's more your thing, you can find me on Facebook or Instagram: I'm here for you!

VU257 (Lab) UWELL Crown IV Kit

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