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VU254 (Lab) VooPoo Drag Mod

The VooPoo Drag is no longer in stock, but if you're looking for a powerhouse 18650 box mod, consider the Uwell Crown IV Kit if you want an epic dual-18650 loaded with great features, Geekvape Aegis Legend if you need something rugged and waterproof.

And here it is, the lab you've all been clamoring for: the amazing, the astonishing, the intelligent, the beautiful, the one and only VooPoo Drag box mod. With 157 watts on tap, shockingly low firing times, and all the smarts of today's top box mods, the VooPoo Drag is beloved by the vaping community, and for very good reason.

Often, love begins with the superficial - you know, the looks - before you get to know what's on the inside, so let's start with the Drag's amazing aesthetics. This is a great-looking box mod, with carbon fiber inlays over a sleek silver body. Everything is clean bevels, with neither harsh sharp edges nor melted-plastic roundness. If you want to show it off, you totally can, but if you're just trying to blend in, it can be tasteful, too.

VooPoo Drag Mod, in black carbon fiber and in blue carbon fiber

VooPoo Drag Mod, in black carbon fiber and in blue carbon fiber

But it's what's inside that counts, so let's dive in. First, pop open that magnetic battery cover. Take note! The applique on the lid is non-conductive, and can help prevent body shorts if your battery wrap is damaged and you haven't noticed - though I'm sure no one here would be so careless as to use a battery without inspecting its wrap? Because this is a powerful mod, you're going to need a pair of powerful high-drain vape batteries, like the Samsung 25R INR 18650 2500mAh 20A/35A Li-Ni-Mn flat top battery. (Try saying that five times fast. No, no, nope. Please stop. My fault, I should not have said anything.) The Samsung - or any other 20 amp battery - provides the amperage needed to drive this powerhouse to its limits.

VooPoo Drag Mod, with battery door open, showing non-conductive applique

VooPoo Drag Mod, with battery door open, showing non-conductive applique

Need to recharge those batteries? It's faster to use a vape battery charger, but the VooPoo Drag features balance charging, so it can safely charge from the built-in USB port, even if the batteries are at different charge levels. (VooPoo will tell you it'll charge different battery brands, even, but call us old-fashioned, we prefer a pair of identical "married" batteries that are always used and charged together.)

Match positive to positive, negative to negative, throw on your atomizer, and you're ready to do this thing.

Notice what I didn't say there: "check your wattage". That's because the VooPoo Drag box mod has a smart wattage feature, so it will automatically adjust its wattage - in wattage mode, anyway; we'll get to TC and Voltage modes - to a safe level for any new atomizer. Simply choose "YES" at the "NEW COIL" prompt, and it'll automatically back the wattage down to a safe level. We find it tends to be very conservative, to prevent atomizer damage, so unless you like a very light vape, you'll generally want to turn it up from here. But gone are the days of swapping tanks and turning a coil into charcoal - charcoil? - as soon as you take a drag. (See what I did there?)

If you're a wattage-mode vaper, that's all there is to it: you're good to go. If you've built your coils to a resistance between 0.1 and 0.3 ohms, you can even enter SUPER mode, which unlocks the wattages above 130 watts, all the way up to the magic 157, with confidence that you're truly getting that output. But you can also put it in Voltage mode, if you like to pretend it's 2015, or if you just know you like to vape at a certain voltage no matter the coil you've got loaded. For this, you simply need to hold the up and down buttons, which will put you in the Drag's extensive menu system; just choose "W > V" from the menu, and now you're in Voltage mode.

For the temp control users amongst us - I see you out there, all sophistication and fine tastes - simply click the fire button three times and you're in temperature control mode. The VooPoo Drag has all the TC mode features you'd expect, including support for nickel, stainless steel, titanium, and even a custom TCR mode that lets you set the characteristics of your wire manually.

VooPoo Drag Mod, showing screen

VooPoo Drag Mod, showing screen

Here's where things get real: it's time to vape. Wattage, Voltage, Temp Control, however you do it, the Drag has you covered. And fast! Srsly, tho: the Drag has a firing time of 25 milliseconds. To put that in perspective, blink. Really. We'll wait: I promise it won't take long. There you go. That blink was between 100 and 400 milliseconds, meaning 4 to 16 times longer than it takes the VooPoo Drag to fire! Absolutely astonishing.

VooPoo Drag Mod, loaded and ready to go

VooPoo Drag Mod, loaded and ready to go

That USB port isn't just for balance charging, either: the VooPoo Drag mod has updateable firmware, and can be programmed from your computer! Simply connect your Drag to your PC with the included USB cable, download some easy-to-use software, and you can adjust features like the coefficient of all your materials in temperature control mode, your cutoff time, screen brightness, custom temperature curves and power curves, and even the appearance of nearly every screen on the Drag's beautiful OLED display!

What else is there to say? None of you are listening at this point, anyway, because I can clearly see you're all doing the right thing and ordering a VooPoo Drag box mod right now - don't forget batteries, and while you're at it, may as well snag a vape battery case, 'cause #vapesafe. (What can I say? I'm not above a little upselling. Don't @ me.)

And that, students, is today's lesson on the VooPoo Drag Mod. If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us, either by phone at 855-647-8373, by email at CustomerService@Mister-E-Liquid.com, or via live chat on any page of Mister-E-Liquid.com. If social media's more your thing, you can find us on Facebook or Instagram: we're always happy to help!

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