VU253 (Lab) Uwell Crown 3 Tank

Uwell Crown 3 tank
Uwell Crown 3 tank

The Uwell Crown 3 has since abdicated in favor of the new Uwell Crown IV tank! Try that worthy on for size, and enjoy the flavor and vapor production of true vaping royalty.

Ah, it appears everyone's early today! You must all be as excited as I am about the subject of today's lesson: the amazing new Uwell Crown 3 Tank.

Uwell's original Crown tank set several standards: the use of quartz glass for additional temperature resistance, stainless steel coils for temperature control and wattage mode, and even being top-refillable - which, at the time, was sort of a big deal. The Crown 2 introduced a larger 5ml vape juice capacity, and a locking screw to keep the tank's guts together under hard use. In the sub ohm tank competition, Uwell's highly placed, so they haven't changed the game with the Crown 3, they've just raised the bar so high other sub-ohm tank manufacturers are going to be scrambling just to place.

The Crown 3 brings back all of these features, and adds a few more to the mix, including the revolutionary plug-pull coil system. So let's take a tour, top to bottom, and see how easy rests the head that wears the Crown 3. We'll break it all down, and then put it all back together, primed and ready.

Uwell Crown 3 tank, showing fill holes and locking ring
Uwell Crown 3 tank, showing fill holes and locking ring

Starting at the top: take a look at the standard 510 drip tip! With the Crown 3, you're not stuck with whatever drip tip the manufacturer thinks you'll like. Bring along your favorite 510 drip tip! Now, let's unscrew that top cap - just a single turn, now - and we're ready to fill. Notice the top cap comes free, instead of just flopping about there.

More importantly, notice the dual filling slots. This solves a problem I've no doubt some of you face regularly: when filling from glass bottle e-liquid, the dropper and the surface tension of the e-liquid seal off that single fill hole, so air has nowhere to go as you fill the tank, leading to bubbling and leaking and splattering. No more, with the dual fill slots on the Crown 3, which offer a relief airway - or "shotgun" - so that no matter what you're filling with, fills are smooth and mess-free.

Now, you may have noticed that when you unscrewed the topcap, the glass didn't go anywhere. Look down the barrel of that tank, and notice the ring there. This is why the Crown 3 comes with a special tool, but the right size of slotted screwdriver will also suffice: it's a locking ring, designed to keep the tank in place, rather than letting it unscrew in your pocket, leaking all your e-liquid all over your pants, not that I'm bitter. No more of that with the Crown 3. Note this locking ring is reverse-threaded, so be aware of that when changing glass! The locking ring is completely optional; you can always just leave it out if it's inconvenient, but the only time you need the tank apart is when changing glass, so why not have that extra security the rest of the time? (You can put it back in now; we’re not changing glass, and you don’t have to unlock the tank to change coils!)

Uwell Crown 3 tank, showing plug-pull coil installed
Uwell Crown 3 tank, showing plug-pull coil installed, and one of three massive airflow slots

Unscrewing the base of the tank, we find one of the Crown 3's most interesting new features: the Uwell Crown plug-pull coil system. Also known as push-pull coils - you'll see why - this new design doesn't require that the coils be screwed in. No more tiny fiddly threads, no more counter-threading a coil, no more searching around for pliers because the threads have locked up. Simply pull the coil out: it's sealed with dual o-rings to provide a leak-free experience. And we haven't been noting it previously, but now that we've got the tank apart, check out how many o-rings this thing has! Uwell was clearly trying to build the most leak-free tank possible, and with the locking quartz glass and multiple o-rings, they've definitely succeeded. Back to the coils, though: these come in two ohm ratings, 0.25 ohm and 0.5 ohm, both of which are stainless steel, and thus you can use them in power mode, or in temperature control mode - making certain your mod has an SS temp control setting. In wattage mode, these coils want a healthy 70+ watts, so sticking with the dual-battery mods is probably wise on this one.

One last thing before we re-assemble and vape: check out the airflow slots at the bottom. These infinitely adjustable slots are variable from full open to full closed, and they lock in those positions rather than free spinning. An excellent design, with more than enough airflow for excellent flavor. Genuinely some of the best flavor currently available from a sub-ohm tank.

Uwell Crown 3 tank, fully disassembled
Uwell Crown 3 tank, fully disassembled

Okay, we're ready, then, to rebuild. Simply prime your coil as you generally would: put some drops down the center of the coil, and some drops on the wicking holes, until the cotton is saturated and accepting liquid freely. Then just plug the coil into its housing: no screwing required. Thread the bottom section onto the tank, and finally, add some of your favorite vape juice through the fill holes, and screw the top cap back on - one turn is all it takes.

Patience, now: only a minute or two, to fully let the e-liquid wick. Once that's done, you're ready to experience one of the best sub-ohm tanks out there right now, the Uwell Crown 3 tank.

That about wraps up today's lesson on the astonishing new Uwell Crown 3. If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us, either by phone at 855-647-8373, by email at, or via live chat on any page of If social media's more your thing, you can find us on Facebook or Instagram: we're always happy to help!

Thank you for joining us today at Vape University. Class dismissed!

To see all this demonstrated with your own eyeballs, check out the video version of today's lesson, below!

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