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VU203 Intro to Mesh Coils

Hello, class! Today we're talking about the biggest thing to hit vaping since sub-ohm coils, so get a seat quickly: I'm anticipating a huge audience for this one. (No, just kidding: this is totally online, and there's no limit to the seating. You are almost certainly not in a real classroom right now.) But I'm not kidding about this being a huge deal, because today we're talking about mesh coils! And if you won't take it from me, take it from Mister-E-Liquid's chief flavorist, who says mesh coils are vaping's next game-changer.

What's mesh not?

In order to talk about why mesh coils are such a big dilly-o, we have to go back to our very first lesson together, Intro to Vaping, aka "Water, fire, air and dirt, I love vaping, but how does that work?" At its heart, a vape coil is just a bunch of wire, kept wet with vape juice. When current is introduced to the wire, it heats up - just like a toaster, electric water heater, or the heated seats in the cars of people who make more than non-tenured vaping professors. When the wire heats up, it heats the vape juice, which atomizes into vapor. It doesn't really vaporize, but it does turn into little tiny adorable droplets that we breathe in.

So why do mesh coils have us acting extra? To answer that oddly-phrased, millennial-pandering question, think about a normal vape coil. That coil of wire is only touching a little bit of vape juice, compared to all the cotton wick that's there. Plus, wires that are properly wound get hotter in the center first, meaning the vape juice is being heated to all kinds of different temperatures in the coil, not being heated evenly.

Looking down the barrel of a Smok V8 Baby M2. So basic.

Looking down the barrel of a Smok V8 Baby M2. So basic.

What's mesh is?

Mesh ain't like that. First of all, mesh has WAY more surface area than an equivalent coil. It's heating vastly more of the vape juice with every bit of current that flows through it, which means massive clouds. Secondly, mesh heats more evenly, with the whole surface of the mesh being more alike in temperature than a length of normal resistance wire. That means more even output, and more consistent flavor. So in short, mesh gives more clouds, and better flavor, than normal coils. That's the holy grail of vaping, right there. It's everything we've been looking for.

So, of course now you want to try out some mesh coils, and well you should because they're the best coils. Well, Mister-E-Liquid, not coincidentally - remember, this is not a real classroom: I'm trying to sell you something you'll like - carries several mesh coils, because they're paying attention and want to carry the best products on the market.

Freemax Mesh Pro Tank, with adorable baby mesh replacement coils

Freemax Mesh Pro Tank, with adorable baby mesh replacement coils

Let's start with the Freemax Mesh Pro Vape Coil, which comes in single, dual, and triple-coil options. The single-coil uses a tight wire mesh, while the dual and triple have a honeycomb mesh that borrows cleverly from those engineers nonpareil, the bees.

These amazing coils work in the Freemax Mesh Pro tank, which is designed from the start to be a mesh coil tank, and which is the successor to the beloved FireLuke tanks. If you'd like some more information on this game-changer, check out our VU255 (Lab) Freemax Mesh Pro Tank, which in addition to having a huge amount of information, also includes maybe the funniest joke ever about the Lanham Act. (What's that, there's no link there anymore? I know, the page is gone, but I just couldn't remove the funniest joke ever about the funniest joke ever about the Lanham Act.)

Another superb option, which brings with it the chance for a bangin' new mod, is the Uwell Crown IV Replacement Coil, which in its 0.23 ohm UN2 Mesh form, has a sweet metal plate with circular voids acting as mesh. Not only is this a great coil, but it works perfectly in the Uwell Crown IV Kit, probably our favorite new mod and tank set.

UWELL Crown IV Tank with mesh replacement coil

UWELL Crown IV Tank with mesh replacement coil

We did a lab on this one, too - why? because we love you - which you can read here at VU257 (Lab) UWELL Crown IV Kit, but the upshot is it's a tank that doesn't leak, available with mesh coils, on a matched 200-watt mod. Get this today, srsly.

Staring down the barrel of a Smok V8 Baby Mesh coil. This is how we do it.

Staring down the barrel of a Smok V8 Baby Mesh coil. This is how we do it.

But let's say you're not in the money, and you want a mesh coil that'll work with your current rig. Well, if you rep Smok, they've got a hot new mesh coil (pun sort-of intended), in the form of the 0.15 ohm mesh Smok TFV8 Baby Vape Coil, which is a more conventional, high-surface-area wire grid mesh that's tight in more ways than one. And this thing works in everything, or more accurately, in the Smok TFV8 Baby Beast, Smok TFV8 Big Baby Beast, Smok Stick Prince Baby Kit, and even the Geekvape Shield Tank.

All done, now

That's mesh, in a nutshell. More vapor, better flavor: everything we've been searching for. And you've got three awesome mesh coil options to choose from. So go forth, and mesh something of yourselves!

Whew. I am...at best, low-key funny. Still, if you've got any questions about mesh coils, or just about anything vape-related, my not-funny self is totally available to assist you, either by phone at 855-647-8373, by email at CustomerService@Mister-E-Liquid.com, or via live chat on any page of Mister-E-Liquid.com. If social media's more your thing, you can find me on Facebook: I'm always happy to help!

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