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VU160 (Lab) Uwell Crown Pod System

It's hard to believe that it's this early in the year and the most-anticipated pod system has already been released, but here we are: the Uwell Crown Pod System! This is an exciting pod system, both as an upgrade from vape pens and as a way to get box mod flavor (and Uwell quality!) from a pod system. Stick around, class, 'cause this one rules! (See what I did there?) With the death of sealed pods - y'all are keeping up on your VU 400-Level Political Science classes like the lesson on how the federal flavor ban is here and it's good news, right? - refillable pod systems like this one are the future of vaping, so we best get to living in that future, neh?

Open Your Boxes!

Let's begin at the beginning: this is some nice packaging. Like everything Crown does, it screams quality. But the good stuff is inside. Pop that box and let's see what we've got. First you're going to see the massive 1250 mAh battery, plus an installed 1.0 ohm Uwell Crown Replacement Pod, and an included 0.6 ohm Uwell Crown Replacement Pod. No surprises so far. You also get a charging cable (nice), and a user manual.

Isn't this simple? Isn't it kind of nice not to need a bag of tools and seals and a whole charging brick or whatever? But as you'll see, the Crown Pod System is about more than simplicity.

Uwell Crown Pod System, in black, blue, grey, and red

Uwell Crown Pod System, in black, blue, grey, and red

So let's talk about using this thing. Filling is easy: just pop the mouthpiece off - tilting it "front-to-back" is the easiest way - and your pod is right there, ready to be filled. Yeah, top-fill, on a pod system. Looks a little familiar? We'll get to that. 3 ml of vape juice fits in here, which is a big deal for a little device! And the battery is 1250 mAh, which for something working at these power levels ought to get you through the whole day, but if it doesn't: standard micro-USB will fill it with the quickness, and doesn't require to to carry buckets of 18650s with spare wrappers and a separate charger, all things I do not miss.

A standard five taps of the fire button and it's unlocked. Nice looking fire button, too, with the Crown logo embossed, but that's par for the course: the whole pod system looks sleek and understated, but with that cool Crown livery kind of baroqued into the front and back. Subtle, but gorgeous. And now, ready to use.

UWell Crown Replacement Pod, front and side view

UWell Crown Replacement Pod, front and side view

Hey, isn't this like a giant Caliburn?

You're not wrong: Uwell clearly understood that their awesome Uwell Caliburn Pod System was so popular for a reason, and the Crown takes a lot of cues from it. Everything is just one step nicer, though: twice the battery, fifty percent more vape juice capacity. And it's not actually a lot bigger, in the hand.

They also understood that while the Caliburn is dope, there's room for improvement. Basically, the Crown Pod System wants to meet vapers in the middle: somewhere between giant box mods and pod mods, and vape pens and e-cigarettes. But you can't just naively make a device that's intermediate: you have to actually satisfy both crowds, and I think Uwell did that.

For example, the Uwell Crown Replacement Pod comes in two different varieties - both using that awesome vapor-recycling Pro-FOCS system that richens your vapor. First, there's a 0.6 ohm pod for people coming from sub-ohms, that gives you tons of warm vapor for a great direct-to-lung (DTL) experience. Second, there's a 1.0 ohm option for a cooler, more satisfying mouth-to-lung (MTL) vape.

Best of all, unlike most pod systems, both pods have adjustable airflow! They've each got a slider on the side of the pod that lets you go from wide-open to pinhole-tight, again to satisfy everyone from former RDA users to people coming up from e-cigarettes and vape pens.

Enough talk: let's hit this thing

Once it's unlocked, there are two ways to use the Uwell Crown Pod System: you can either press the firing button, like a mod, or just draw on it, like a vape pen! Again, Crown thought of all the little details that let everyone enjoy the cool thing they made.

Amazing flavor, right? This unregulated battery runs as high at 25 watts, so there's plenty of power to make vapor, and that Pro-FOCS recycling makes it denser than ordinary vape pens. This is chucking out clouds the way tanks used to, but on an auto-draw! It's amazing.

Fluid levels you can check by peeking through the window at the top of the battery, without removing the pod, and power levels are checked by looking at the multi-color indicator LED on the front. It's hard to imagine anything being easier than all this.

What more is there to say?

We make a lot of fuss sometimes about something being as simple as a vape pen but as powerful as a mod-and-tank, but...this is it, folks. It's like a Uwell Caliburn with superpowers, or a miniaturized Crown IV Kit for half the price. It's easy to use and beautiful to look at. It fits in the hand, the pocket, or the bag. No separate charger. All-day fluid and battery capacity. Astonishing flavor and vapor production. The future is here, and it's ruled by the Uwell Crown Pod System.

Uwell Crown Pod System, components

Uwell Crown Pod System, components

If you've got more questions, about this spectacular new pod system or anything vape-related, hit me up by calling 855-647-8373, emailing me at CustomerService@Mister-E-Liquid.com, or dropping in via live chat on any page of Mister-E-Liquid.com. And hey, if you're more into the socials, I'm also conveniently available on Facebook, as well: I'm always happy to help!

Class dismissed!

"OMG reading so boring! More watch with eyes!" Well, then you're in luck: just check out the video version of today's lesson, below!

VU201 Intro to Variable Wattage

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Now Available! Crown Pod Systems are here.
With great power comes great flavor! The next big thing in vaping is actually pretty small - but its power and flavor are unmatched. With a 1250 mAh battery and 3 ml pods, the Uwell Crown Pod System brings Crown quality to pod systems. Easy rests the hand that holds the Crown Pod System!
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