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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

VU159 (Lab) Asvape Micro Pod System

Design Is King

Take a look at what we've got here, students! The Asvape Micro pod system is a masterclass in presentation, packaging, and design that's propelling vaping to the next level, both in functionality and in aesthetics. Let's take a look at these boxes, find out what we've got inside, put it all together, and vape on this thing. Let's find out if there's substance beneath all this style, and decide who the ideal vaper for this amazing new pod system might be.

Asvape Micro Pod System, in three awesome resin colors.

Asvape Micro Pod System, in three awesome resin colors.

Okay, so normally I don't make a fuss over packaging, but Asvape was thinking correct about this stuff, and it really shows the effort they put in. The heavy box, the magnetic latch. The document envelope. The way the battery door is flipped out so you can see the engravings on the inside. And this resin! Every one a work of art - with matching drip tip!

Asvape Micro Pod System, all put together and whatnot.

Asvape Micro Pod System, all put together and whatnot.

We Got To Get It Together

Let's get this thing up and running. First thing's first: getting vape juice in so the coil can saturate. Pull that gorgeous resin body out of the box and pop out the mouthpiece/pod/coil combo. Notice the bottom, there, that metal ring is how you adjust your airflow, from wide-open to tight-closed, which really helps MTL and DTL vapers alike find their balance. The 510 drip tip is removable, so you can use your own, but these are really well-matched to their resin bodies.

To get to the Asvape Micro replacement coil, just unscrew the airflow ring and pull the coil out. The 0.5 ohm mesh coil is pre-installed, and that's best for direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping, and works well with e-liquids with up to a 70/30 VG/PG ratio. They also include a 1.0 ohm mesh coil that's better for nicotine salts and mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping, and prefers a lower VG ratio of 50/50. Priming the coil is like any other: just saturate the barrel and wicking holes of the coil, slowly. Then press the coil back into the pod, tighten the airflow ring, and it's time to fill.

These 2.0 ml Asvape Micro replacement pods couldn't be easier to fill. Once you've got the coil in, just pop out the silicone seal plug and fill the pod with vape juice. They even include a spare plug, just in case you lose this one, though they stay on there pretty good.

Some Things to Adjust To

So look, I know a lot of pod systems, this would sorta be it. You'd have an unregulated battery and whatever wattage the battery could throw out. Over the course of the day, it would just get weaker and weaker until you couldn't take it and had to go without while it charged. But that is not the case here.

First, the 1100 mAh battery means you don't have to recharge often, anyway. Second, this is a regulated pod system, meaning it keeps output wattage the same even while battery voltage drops over the course of the day. And that means adjustable wattage, too, from 5 watts all the way up to 30 watts. Considering the 0.5 ohm coil, 30 watts is hella powerful at this size, and with the 1.0 ohm coil and some nic salts, this thing will go all day long.

Asvape Micro Pod System, showing its luxe sliding magnetic battery door, behind which most of its controls are found.

Asvape Micro Pod System, showing its luxe sliding magnetic battery door, behind which most of its controls are found.

Notice all these controls are under the battery door, that slides back and forth like it's on magnetic rails. Dare you not to play with it all day. It's like someone took a magnetic battery door and made a minigame out of it. Plus, you can check your vape juice level from in here. But close it up, and all the controls and screens and whatnot just disappear behind that resin.

Hey, and when it's time to charge, notice that charge port: it's USB Type C, which is the next generation in USB charge ports, and the best thing about it (besides charge speed) is that it works in either direction. That's right, no more going to plug your mod in, and the USB cable is the wrong way, so you flip it upside down, only that's not the right way, either, so you flip it back... Future generations will not know our pain, because they'll only have pod systems like the Asvape Micro, with its USB-C charging. And they include a cable, since Asvape knows not everyone has one yet.

Asvape Micro Pod System, all buttoned up and ready to vape.

Asvape Micro Pod System, all buttoned up and ready to vape.

Will it Vape?

None of this design genius - the clever engraved magnetic battery door, the fancy box it all comes in, the rotary airflow and choice of MTL or DTL coils - matters one bit if this thing doesn't vape, but don't worry, the Asvape Micro pod system does not let down there, either. These coils both have incredible flavor, and a real richness to the vapor a lot of lesser pod systems can't match.

The regulated power means all-day consistent hits, and while the 2 ml pod means a couple daily top-ups if you vape heavily, the 1100 mAh battery and easy, fast USB-C charging takes the sting out of the smaller pod. Having rotary airflow and a choice of DTL or MTL coils means this pod system can be used by anyone: the sub-ohm vaper looking for a stylish, pocketable device; or the nic salts former smoker, looking for a quick, easy hit.

Whoever you are, whatever you need, the Asvape Micro pod system has got it, and in a beautiful package. Definitely consider this as your next sub-ohm starter kit or pod system!

If you've got more questions, about this spectacular new pod system, or anything vape-related, hit me up by calling 855-647-8373, emailing me at CustomerService@Mister-E-Liquid.com, or dropping in via live chat on any page of Mister-E-Liquid.com. And hey, if you're more into the socials, I'm also conveniently available on Facebook, as well: I'm always happy to help!

Class dismissed!

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