VU158 (Lab) Uwell Caliburn Pod System

Welcome back, students! Summer break at Vape University is over, and we're coming back college strong. Today we're looking at the hottest of the hot pod systems - "hot" in a good way, mind you - the all-new Uwell Caliburn pod system! We're going to open it up, set it up, fill it up, and vape it up. Take your seats, and let's get into this thing!

Uwell Caliburn Pod System, up close and personal.
Uwell Caliburn Pod System, up close and personal.

Open it Up

So let's crack open that box, and - what? There's almost nothing in here! The Caliburn is that small. I mean, there are smaller pod systems out there, but none with the kind of power and flavor this one has - you'll see. It doesn't skimp on accessories, though: you'll find a micro-USB cable for charging, an extra Uwell Caliburn Replacement Pod in addition to the one that's pre-installed, a user's manual, and of course the Caliburn pod system itself.

Set it Up

Well, this is going to be easy. This is not a complex device. First, let's make sure you've got a charge: this is a big 520 mAh battery, but it's not going to take long to fill up, because it features 1 amp fast charge! You can usually go from dead-as to full-up in a half-hour or less.

Uwell Caliburn Pod System, showing its charge port, immodestly.
Uwell Caliburn Pod System, showing its charge port, immodestly.

Once you're charged up, you've got to get some vape juice in this thing. Like many pod systems, the Uwell Caliburn really thrives with salt nic, but in addition to nicotine salts vape juice, it can absolutely handle regular freebase nicotine, too: it's all-inclusive. Just grab onto that pod from the top, and pull. There's a little clear plastic slip installed at the factory to prevent misfires; just peel that off, and you're looking at a Caliburn pod!

Notice how easily that pulled off? Well, that's because it's all done with magnets, plus a little bit of mechanical friction. You'll see, when it's time to put this all back together. I just wanted to bask for a moment in not needing to trip some tiny catch or latch or push a thing into some other thing with my fingernail. Just pull - but yet it stays in there securely when you're not pulling on it.

Fill it Up

Filling couldn't be simpler. Just remove the black mouthpiece from the clear pod. It's tight, and a little fussy to get off, but just bear with it: it'll loosen up with time. Better it be a little tight at first, than way too loose after a few days! Once you've got that off, I's a top fill. There's holes in the top. One of them leads into the 1.4 ohm parallel coil, and the other two lead into the body of the pod.

Caliburn pod system with the pod removed.
Uwell Caliburn Pod System, with the pod removed.

Don't fill into the coil, obvi, because that would be a mess; simply fill either of the two side holes, and the other acts as a vent hole so you're not fighting surface tension while you fill it. Fill it up with 2 ml of your favorite vape juice - or drop in some nicotine salt e-liquid! Put the mouthpiece back on, and you're full. No leaks, no spills, just filling. Easy as that.

Give it maybe a minute or so to saturate the coil, and then it's time to put it back together. As the repair manual says, installation is the reverse of removal. Simply push the Uwell Caliburn pod down into the housing of the battery. Notice that you can put it in either direction: no worrying about whether you've got it lined up right, because you can't line it up wrong. Once it gets close, the magnets will pull it down. But wait! Notice there's still the slightest gap between pod and battery: just give it a little press, and it's going to clamp tight, friction-fit so that it can't get loose. Now, it is time.

Vape it Up

But real quick, let's look at what we've got here now. A Uwell Caliburn pod system, totally charged, totally full of e-liquid. Look at the design of this thing. Drink it in a bit. See on either side, where the pod meets the battery? Fluid level, on both sides, so it's always easy to check your vape juice. Look at the simplicity and cleanliness of the design: all flowing lines and rounded bevels. This is a nice-looking, small, convenient device you wouldn't mind someone seeing you with.

Enough basking! Click that side button five times quickly, the universal vaping code for "turn this thing on". Once you see the light blink, you're good to go. You can now draw from this in two ways: you can push the button and vape, or you can use their draw-activated firing. Now, auto-draw has gotten a bad name from generations of pod systems in the past, but I'm here to tell you the Caliburn is different. It's immediate. No weird lag where you're wasting half the inhale just getting the thing to turn on: just pull and vape.

And, oh my, the vape you get. Thick and strong and flavorful, entirely because of the Pro-FOCS system in the coil, which recycles airflow back through the atomizer to get a higher vapor density. This isn't weedy air-filled barely-there vapor, this is thick, rich, dense, flavorful vapor you wouldn't expect from a pod system. And instant: between the auto-draw and the parallel coil, it heats up right away, and gives you maximum flavor and density immediately, instead of making you puff away on it to get it hot.

Finish it Up

All-day battery life, with 1A quick-charge. Respectable 2 ml e-liquid capacity, with provision for regular nic or salt nic. Instant vapor, with one button and no adjustments. Incredible flavor. This is the pod system you want! So please, go buy a Uwell Caliburn pod system today, not just to keep this Vape University professor comfy in his tenure, but because it's the best pod system available today!

If you've got more questions, about this spectacular new pod system, or anything vape-related, hit me up by calling 855-647-8373, emailing me at, or dropping in via live chat on any page of And hey, if you're more into the socials, I'm also conveniently available on Facebook, as well: I'm always happy to help!

Class dismissed!

"OMG reading so boring! More watch with eyes!" Well, then you're in luck: just check out the video version of today's lesson, below!

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