VU157 (Lab) Aspire Tigon Kit

Aspire Tigon Kit, in four exciting matte colors!
Aspire Tigon Kit in four exciting matte colors!

It's a special day, today! We're going to take a peek at the future of vaping devices with the clever and sophisticated new Aspire Tigon Kit. So grab your socks and hide your mods: this device is gonna be everything you need for vaping!

Let's start with that finish. Holy wow, yeah? These kinds of matte finishes used to be found only on the highest-end devices on the market, mods that would set you back a couple bills. It's a sign of Aspire's intentions with the Tigon that they chose to put a finish of this quality on this vape pen: it shows they want this to be a quality device, one you'll take seriously.

Is it really a vape pen, though? It's a little larger than those skinny baby things, but nowhere near as large as some triple-18650 box mod. This is a perfect size, in my opinion: it doesn't stand out, but it also has the power it needs to make great flavor and vapor.

Aspire Tigon battery
Aspire Tigon battery
The power!

The battery, which will fast-charge at a 2-amp rate, is 2600 mAh, which is perfect for a bypass device like this. Because the wattage will vary with how much charge is left in the battery, you want a big battery so it's not like sucking air through a straw at the end of the day. When the charge gets below 3.5 volts, the indicator light on the firing button will go red; up to 3.8 it's blue, and when it's over 3.8 volts, the light's purple and you're vaping at full power.

Flexible spending

Aspire clearly wanted one device to be able to do everything, here. They included two drip tips - one widebore for direct-to-lung, one longer and tighter for mouth-to-lung - and they included two different coils. These nichrome (Ni80) coils come in two styles: the 0.4 ohm coil is your DTL BFF, while the 1.2 ohm coil is perfect for MTL, works great with nic salts, and stretches that battery life even further! The airflow is set up for either style, too: MTL peeps can Jeckyl it with anywhere from one to five small airflow holes, while you DTL beasts can Hyde with one massive airflow slot.

Aspire Tigon Tank, in two exciting matte colors! (Also available in blue and rainbow!)
Aspire Tigon tank, in two exciting matte colors! (Also available in blue and rainbow!)
Clever girl

Here's where things get a bit wild. You remember how, the last time you changed a coil, you had to get it unscrewed (and half the time it didn't want to), and then you had to hold it super-carefully to make sure it didn't leak, and half the time you couldn't even refill it if it wasn't empty? Well, those days are over. The Aspire Tigon has a no-spill push-fit coil: to remove the coil, you just pull it out, and when you do, the tank seals off, so no liquid can escape! (We recommend letting 'em sit in the juice for 5 minutes, but you can speed this up with a little strategic coil priming!)

The same kinda thing happens on the other end, plus there's a little added child security. To refill the tank, you just have to pull up the topcap, and then slide the mouthpiece over. A silicone seal keeps juice from going everywhere, and you just put the nozzle of your bottle or the end of your dripper in there to fill up. Easy peasy, no muss.

That is all.

Simple - one button. Sophisticated - no leaks. Safe - child-resistant. And now the one that's not like the others: versatile - MTL or DTL and switch between them without losing a drop of juice. The Aspire Tigon Kit is the future of vape kits, high-quality and cleverly designed, and it should be your next starter kit!

If you've got more questions, about this awesome device, or just anything vape-related, hit me up by calling 855-647-8373, emailing me at, or dropping in via live chat on any page of And hey, if social media's more your thing, you can always find me on Facebook: I'm always happy to help!

Class dismissed!

Are you tired of reading? Eyes sore from all those tiny letters? Check out the video version of today's lesson, below!

WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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