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VU155 (Lab) Aspire Nautilus AIO Kit

Some people just want to be able to vape, without thinking too much about it. Without building their own coils, without degrees in electrical engineering, without reading booklets full of broken English: they just. want. to vape. Aspire has long catered to those of us of a simpler disposition with their Breeze kits, but these suffer from a small coil ecosystem. But now they've released the Aspire Nautilus AIO, and things will never be the same. (In a good way!) Because the Nautilus AIO takes - as you might expect - the amazing Aspire Nautilus BVC vape coils, and in fact adds a twist even to those! So let's take a look, and see if I can sell you on the virtues of the simple life.

What's in the Box?

When you open the box, you're going to notice a pretty generous bunch of accessories: spare parts, owners manual, two coils, and so on. We'll get back to the coils in a moment, so set those off to the side - in your mind, if not literally. Then we come to the device itself. Check this thing out! It's the perfect size for whatever size hand you've got, and it looks just great: nice-looking without being attention-getting. If you're tired of companies thinking that just because you vape, you want a gaudy, vulgar device, this is the perfect starter kit for you! And definitely more comfortable in the pocket than your old-school vape pen, and more capacity and power than a Juul. And guess what: a cover for the tip, so you're not constantly sucking in pocket lint! Why don't all companies do this?

Aspire Nautilus AIO, in black, purple, and red

Aspire Nautilus AIO, in black, purple, and red

Before you can use it, though, you'll need to fill it, and that gives us a great chance to talk about the way this vape device is put together. It's a pod system, yes, but it takes interchangeable coils. Specifically, as mentioned, it takes the Aspire Nautilus BVC vape coils, which you can find in pretty much any vape shop but which you should absolutely always just buy from Mister-E-Liquid.com, the best source for all your vaping needs. And I'm not being paid to say that! (Note: I am absolutely being paid to say that.)

So just press the two large, clearly visible black buttons on either side of the Nautilus AIO, and pull the pod off the top of the battery: it's that easy. Turn it upside down - important step when it's full - and look at what you've got. First, notice the metal circle in the center: this is the coil retaining ring. Just unscrew that, and you can see where the coil will go in. So look over to the (literal or metaphorical) side, where you set those two coils, from which you've now got to choose. What's the difference? I'm glad you asked.

Aspire Nautilus AIO replacement cartridge and Aspire Nautilus BVC vape coil

Aspire Nautilus AIO replacement cartridge and Aspire Nautilus BVC vape coil

The Best Coils You Probably Already Own

The Nautilus AIO takes, as we've mentioned, the amazing and widely-available Aspire Nautilus BVC vape coils, and you'll notice there are two in the box. The one with the white o-rings is the standard 1.8 ohm Nautilus BVC replacement coil, like you'd get in a Triton Mini, or Billet Box. The one with the green o-rings is all-new, but amazingly it'll also work in your Nautilus, Nautilus Mini, Triton Mini, or Billet Box: it's a Nautilus BVC coil meant specifically for use with nicotine salts!

The new Aspire Nautilus BVC NS vape coils are perfect for nic salt vape juice, but they'll also work great with regular e-liquid, including higher-VG blends. If you inspect them, you'll see two of the four liquid inlets are slightly enlarged, allowing for greater e-liquid wicking. They come standard with the Nautilus AIO, are compatible with all devices that take the Nautilus BVC coil, and are now available on Mister-E-Liquid.com!

Okay, so time to finish prepping. Just prime whichever coil you've chosen by dripping a few drops of vape juice down the top - or, if you're like me, continuing to drip until the cotton is completely saturated, just to make sure - and it's ready to go. Screw the coil into the retaining ring, and then screw that retaining ring into the cartridge. Make sure the airflow ring is adjusted where you want it once you install the coil - I recommend wide open, and close it down from there until you like the draw you get. Now it's time to fill up.

Fill 'er Up!

Remove the orange fill plug. My advice is to tilt the pod so that fill hole is up: there's no vent hole, so the air in the tank needs to vent out the same hole as you're filling from. So fill your pod with the best e-liquid on the market, or, if you want to go the nicotine salts route, the best nic salts e-liquid on the market! Either way, fill up - not too fast, or that escaping air is going to push your liquid out and leave you with a lapful - and put that plug back in. 4.5 ml of capacity, too, which is like a big tank, but on an all-in-one pod system starter kit. Try to find a vape pen or Juul with that kind of capacity!

Now it's time to put the pod back on the battery. Simply clip it back on to the top of the battery, making sure both sides fully engage: if you grab it and pull, it shouldn't move. Then let it sit for a couple of minutes for that e-liquid to saturate the coil, and vape.

Aspire Nautilus AIO, with box contents

Aspire Nautilus AIO, with box contents

Time to Vape

How do you vape on this thing? First, remember it's five clicks on the fire button to lock or unlock the device. After that, just push the button and inhale. That's all there is to it. No complicated voltage adjustments, no wondering if you've got the right resistance for your wattage, just pushbutton vaping. When the battery gets low - the LEDs around the fire button will glow just orange when it's low - simply plug it in to charge. That's it.

And when that coil's getting funky, just pull the coil and prime and install a new one: you don't throw out a whole pod just because the coil is gone. (Make sure the pod's not completely full: this is also a great way to get a lapful!) This is next-gen vaping, with far less waste and complication. But you CAN buy a new Nautilus AIO replacement cartridge if you'd like, so you can keep an assortment of different flavors in different pods!

The flavor from this thing is great, too: because it's using the incredible Nautilus BVC coil, you're getting the same flavor and vapor you'd be getting from a Triton Mini or full-size Nautilus, but from this tiny, pocketable, simple vape device!

How Simple Was That?

That's all she wrote. The Aspire Nautilus AIO gives you the capacity of a tank, the flavor and vapor of a tank, the interchangeable coils of a tank, while giving you the flexibility of a pod system, and the convenience, pocketability, and simplicity of an all-in-one vape pen - plus specialized coils for nicotine salts! Everything you need. If you've got any questions about this awesome all-in-one, or anything vaping related, I am totally available to assist you, either by phone at 855-647-8373, by email at CustomerService@Mister-E-Liquid.com, or via live chat on any page of Mister-E-Liquid.com. If social media's more your thing, you can find me on Facebook or Instagram: I'm always happy to help!

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