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VU104 The Best Tobacco Vape Juice for Smokers

So you want to stop smoking, and start vaping. That's great! I think you're absolutely going to love it. While the science is still out on whether vaping is better for you than smoking, there are a lot of reasons to prefer vaping that have nothing to do with health, including economics, convenience, and most of all, flavor. Mister-E-Liquid carries a wide variety of tobacco flavors, in our Signature Tobacco line, and my goal is to help you select the one you'll enjoy the most!

First, though, let me say: just because you've come to vaping from smoking doesn't mean you have to only vape tobacco flavors! One of the greatest things about vaping is the wide variety of flavors you can vape, from chocolate desserts to your favorite soft drinks to cucumber melon mint, which is at least twice as delicious as it sounds. Most people embrace these flavors, but if you're looking for something familiar, or if you live in a state where they've unfortunately banned flavors, you're going to be looking for a tobacco flavor, and Mister-E-Liquid has an unparalleled selection of amazing tobacco flavors for you!

Finally, remember: vaping doesn't involve burning, so these tobacco vape juices won't have that acrid smokey taste to them. What you'll taste, instead, is the actual tobacco flavor, unburned, and that's going to be your favorite part. Think about it: what smells better, a cooked steak or a burned one? Would you rather taste a cake that's been properly prepared, or one that's been set on fire? More than anything else, flavor is at the center of why vaping is so great!

Cigarette Smokers

Of course Mister-E-Liquid has a wide variety of cigarette tobacco flavors! Most smokers use cigarettes, so that only makes sense. Mister-E-Liquid "Casino21" Vape Juice is a great choice for the smoker who prefers a smooth Turkish tobacco in their cigarettes, while Red Rider tobacco vape juice is more of a full-flavored "cowboy stick" sort of flavor. Rough Neck is a dry cigarette tobacco that's ideally suited to smokers coming from a well-cured cigarette. Mr-E's RY4 is originally based on a vape juice flavor, but actually tastes like a very authentic sweet tobacco. If you're more into light cigarettes, though, it's hard to beat Mister-E-Liquid "Grey Matter" Vape Juice, one of the most popular flavors - about which more in a moment!

A pack of cigarettes, being rightly crushed.

Cigar Smokers

Oh, I wouldn't leave you all behind! Mister-E-Liquid has three cigar e-liquid flavors. Southern Fields is a Kentucky cigar tobacco vape juice, with the flavor of superb bluegrass cigar tobacco wrapped in its own finest leaf. For that extra jolt of excitement that comes from forbidden fruit, consider Mister-E-Liquid "Varadero" Vape Juice, with the complex flavor of the once-banned, always-delicious Cuban cigar! Finally, HFC is a honey flue cured cigar e-liquid that's warm, fragrant, and carries just a hint of sweetness.

A cigar: looks good, smells terrible.

Pipe Smokers

The Signature Tobacco collection only has one vape juice specifically designed for pipe smokers, but pipe smokers are looking for richer, more sophisticated flavors anyway, so all the flavors below also make excellent choices! The real pipe tobacco flavor is Elite, an otherworldly blend of rich, warm Perique pipe tobacco with just a hint of subtle, sweet Cavendish.

A warm tobacco pipe.
Mister-E-Liquid Grey Matter vape juice - now that's more like it.

All Smokers - and everyone else, too!

Several tobacco flavors are real standouts when it comes to complexity, and don't map easily onto this brand of cigarette or that type of cigar. These are tobacco flavors that are more than just “cigarette", and are really the essence of tobacco itself, in all its myriad forms.

The epitome of these flavors is the previously-mentioned Grey Matter, one of the most popular vape juices, and for very good reason. This complex vape juice is comprised of the flavors of warm, aromatic Latakia tobacco, with strains of fragrant, complex Burley Cavendish...but the actual experience of vaping this tobacco vape juice is so much more! This is the flavor to vape if you're looking to take the next step beyond “cigarette-flavored e-liquid", while still staying true to tobacco flavors. Similarly, Pirate's Bounty is a complex Cavendish, with a sweet flavor very similar to the pressure-cured British Cavendish tobacco, made from fire-cured Virginia tobacco.

Mister-E-Liquid Signature Tobacco Series.

A World of Flavor

Again, you don't have to limit yourself to tobacco flavors - unless you live somewhere with a flavor ban! You can vape apples, or banana nut bread, or a craft stout aged in bourbon barrels! The flavors are a huge portion of why vaping is so much more enjoyable than smoking. But if you're looking for a familiar flavor to get you started, or you live somewhere they won't allow the purchase of flavors, Mister-E-Liquid's Signature Tobacco vape juice has a flavor for everyone!

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