Vapeston Maganus Cloud Blaster X3 Turbo Vape Coil

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Turbocharge your vaping with the all-new Vapeston Maganus X3 Turbo vape coils for the Vapeston Maganus Cloud Blaster tank! Taking their inspiration from powerhouse 3-cylinder turbo engines, the X3 Turbo coils use airflow to get the kind of power normally only seen in those massive, wasteful 8- and 12-cylinders.

The Cloud Blaster's top airflow design means cool, dense external air is pulled directly past the outside of the coil housing, acting like an intercooler to keep heat in the coils, not in the coil chamber.

Don't be taken in by the more-is-better hype, check out what smarter design can do for you!

Vapeston X3 Turbo coil, 0.15 ohm
Voltage 50W-260W
Coil count 3
Resistance 0.15 ohm
Vapeston X3 Turbo coil, 0.20 ohm
Voltage 50W-180W
Coil count 3
Resistance 0.20 ohm

Prices above are for single coil, not a five pack.

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