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Vape and Beer Pairings

Your whole college experience isn't just about learning your major. A good university provides a wide variety of education, much of which takes place nowhere near a classroom. Vape University is no different!

Today, we're going to be talking about beer, and more importantly, which Mister-E-Liquid vape juice pairs well with certain types of beer. These vape juice and beer pairings will help you select the perfect e-liquid for a night on the town, or just choosing a great e-liquid for your favorite kind of brew. We're only going to touch on three of the most common types of beer today, but we just founded this university: you can bet we'll be back with more!

You already know all about e-liquid, so let's talk about beer. Beer is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages, with a history stretching back at least 5,000 years, and possibly as far as 12,000 years. Many archaeologists believe that beer - along with its unfermented cousin, bread - assisted in the formation of civilization in the first place. We've found evidence of beer in our oldest settlements: Göbekli Tepe, Godin Tepe, Uruk. We know the laborers who built the Egyptian pyramids were paid in beer. Beer can be found in a variety of historical documents, from the epic of Gilgamesh to the writings of Xenophon. The point being: we've had beer longer than we've had history. And its popularity hasn't waned! It remains the third most-consumed beverage in the world, losing out only to water and tea.

There is more variety in modern beer-making than virtually any other drink known to man, with hundreds of thousands of different styles, brands, and varieties. The only common element, really, is a starch (like barley or wheat) which is then turned into mash. This process brings out the sugars in the starch, which are then fermented with brewer's yeast into the drink we know as beer. Everything else - the water used, the amount of hops, the starch source, the amount, length, and iterations of fermentation - is variable, and produces the incredible variety of brews we have today. Depending on the type of beer, it might be light, sweet, flavored with fruits, or it might be dark, heavy, and bitter.

That said, a good beer will have a rich and complex flavor, and that means complex interactions with other flavors. In the same way that we have beer pairings with food because certain beers bring out specific flavor elements in the food - and vise versa - some vape juice pairs with some beers better than others. While, sure, you could absolutely go buy a bunch of different beers and e-liquid, we've generously, selflessly, gleefully gone ahead and done the research for you.

IPA Pairings

Though pale ales had existed since the 1700s, these were lightly-hopped, and nearly unrecognizable today. It wasn't until the 1820s, when the Indian export market really picked up in Britain, that today's strongly-hopped IPA was created. The success of this "India Ale" caused more and more brewers to follow suit, and soon IPAs were being kept at home, rather than sent overseas to Madras and Calcutta.

Today, IPAs are one of the most popular styles, particularly since the rise of the US microbrewery. IPAs are so popular that some such craft breweries serve very few other types of beer, favoring instead multiple varieties of IPA. Still, nearly all IPAs can be identified by their expressively bitter, hoppy taste, their high gravity, and generally an alcohol content above 4 percent but seldom more than 8 percent.

Mister-E-Liquid Blue Voodoo Vape Juice Paired With IPA

It's a challenge to find new life in a product as seminal as Blue Voodoo. This award-winning vape juice has been the all-day vape for thousands. Its combination of sweet and tart is like the grown-up blue raspberry slush you didn't know you'd always wanted.

Mister-E-Liquid Blue Voodoo Vape Juice Paired With IPA

But combined with the sharp, bitter hop-filled flavor of the IPA, Blue Voodoo takes a voyage into something even more distinctive: it separates the flavors, gives you a moment to reflect on each side of Blue Voodoo, before you wash it away with IPA and set out on the journey once again.

Mister-E-Liquid Pure Michigan Vape Juice Paired With IPA
Mister-E-Liquid Pure Michigan Vape Juice Paired With IPA

One of our more complex vape juices, Pure Michigan has always been one of our top sellers, and the epitome of "often imitated, never duplicated". This powerful, refreshing blend of crisp fall apples and sweet, ripe strawberry is perfectly complemented by the sharp hop flavor of the IPA. Rather than being blown apart to be studied in isolation like Blue Voodoo, Pure Michigan is blended together to be enjoyed as a single unifying flavor unlike any other.

Lager Pairings

For thousands of years, beer was made in warm environments, and the yeasts who fermented the mash rested atop the fermenting vat. This beer tended to drink warm, too: it was best at room temperature. During the medieval era, however, some Europeans started brewing in caves, which were cold enough to use a different type of yeast, which did its work on the bottom of the vat. The act of putting the fermenting vats in cold caves was called "lagering", and the beer it produced become known as "lager".

These beers tended to drink colder: they tasted better cold than at room-temperature, but remember, other than caves and the like, at the time, humans didn't have a way of keeping things cold year 'round. In fact, Germany - the Bavarians have always been very strict about brewing - went so far as to ban making lager in the summer months. German brewers started digging their own cellars and filling them with ice to make this cold brew, and even planted shade trees to keep temperatures down. Thus was born the German "biergarten", or "beer garden", now so much a part of the German culture.

With the advent of refrigeration, though, lager could not only be made year 'round, but could be enjoyed cold year 'round, and eventually became so popular that most people today would find warm beer unthinkable. Well, except the British, who are traditionalists in their own right. Today, lager is the most popular form of beer in the world: clean, crisp, and highly sessionable, lager goes well with nearly anything, but here are a couple of our favorite e-liquid and lager pairings.

Mister-E-Liquid Neptune Vape Juice Paired With Lager

As a flavor on its own, Neptune is this rich, fruity blend of blueberries and strawberries, with an amazing vanilla finish. With a lager in the mix, Neptune's own flavor doesn't much change, except to round off the edges between already-smooth flavors.

Mister-E-Liquid Neptune Vape Juice Paired With Lager

What it does instead is impart its own flavor onto the lager, transforming a fairly basic sort of beer into something quite different. Absolutely has to be tried to be appreciated!

That's So Pretzel Vape Juice Paired With Lager
That's So Pretzel Vape Juice Paired With Lager

Falling off your barstool is harder than making this pairing. I mean, srsly, tho. This is literally "beer and pretzels". Beer and pretzels! There couldn't be a more natural pairing on the list. The lager tends to sand off the chocolate, leaving behind the That's So Pretzel's distinct baked pretzel flavor, and its absolutely unique salty impression. Watch yourself with this one: these pretzels do not fill your stomach!

Stout Pairings

At least as early as the 17th century, brewers in Europe were making beer with brown malt. These brown beers were made to be aged in the home, rather than consumed immediately, but breweries found aging their own brown beers produced a superior product. Dark, rich, and strong, this aged brown beer was very popular with the working classes, including those laborers who unloaded the ships in London's port. Thus the beer became known as "porter".

But "strong" is never "strong enough", so porters become stronger and stronger over time. Within decades, Guinness of Ireland began referring to their porter as "stout", meaning strong, and soon an entirely new type of beer was born: porter stout, or just stout.

Stouts come in many varieties, but they're generally dark and strong, at the very least. Some have added oats, or use aromatic malts that lend a dark chocolate or coffee flavor. Stout can be an acquired taste - I've heard it called "roofing tar" once or twice in my day - but once it's acquired, it's one of the most fulfilling brews out there.

Mister-E-Liquid Varadero Vape Juice Paired With Stout

Okay, we all remember what smoking was like, and as much as we love vaping more - like, way, way more - there's something about that tobacco taste that goes well with a stout.

Mister-E-Liquid Varadero Vape Juice Paired With Stout

Those who miss a good cigar and a rich, thick beer can't do better than Varadero and stout.

Velare Vape Juice Paired With Stout
Velare Vape Juice Paired With Stout

Best. For. Last. On its own, Velare is unthinkably good, unreasonably impressive. Its combination of velvety vanilla, crumbling pastry, and drizzled maraschino reduction is unlike any other flavor out there. What better to pair it with, then, than a drink that matches its complexity, but contrasts its light with dark, its sweet with bitter, its soft with harshness. If you enjoy stout, or you enjoy Velare, you absolutely owe it to yourself to try them together.

And hey, last lesson, and we'll go. Use moderation. In most things, but definitely in your beer and vape pairings. We want you to continue enjoying these combinations for a long, long while, so drink and vape responsibly. Enjoy yourself, but have a care, yeah? We like you, and we want you to stick around. Okay, end of the boring part of the lesson.

Now, anybody want to buy an old vaping professor a beer?

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