Uwell Crown 3 Tank

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It's good to wear the crown! The Uwell Crown 3 is the ultimate in next-generation sub-ohm tanks, with great airflow, convenient filling, and a leak-free design.

The Uwell Crown 3 was designed to be as easy-to-use and leak-free as possible, and Uwell went to great lengths to make it so. For example, the Crown 3 doesn't thread together from the outside like most tanks; instead, it locks together with an internal thread, using the included key (or a flat-head screwdriver). No more leaks from your tank loosening up with time and use! O-rings abound here, on every mating surface, and the Crown 3 includes spares. They're serious about providing a leak-free, next-generation vaping experience!

Similarly, coil installation couldn't be easier; rather than coils being threaded on, the push-pull Uwell Crown 3 vape coil simply press-fit with dual o-rings. No more searching for pliers when your coil gets stuck in the threads! Filling is a snap, with a single-turn top-fill design featuring two 3.5 x 6 mm fill ports. Dual fill ports mean no more overflowing your tank because the air can't escape your single fill hole when you're using a fat dropper.

The Crown 3 uses a new "plug-pull" coil ecosystem, and both coils included with the Crown 3 are stainless steel, meaning they can be used in wattage mode or temperature control applications! Airflow is handled by three infinitely-adjustable 2 x 11 mm airflow slots that give the Crown 3 coils plenty of air to breathe.

The Uwell Crown 3 uses quartz glass rather than the conventional Pyrex. Quartz glass - used on high-end telescopes and high-powered HID headlight lenses - is not only extremely durable, but very resistant to changing shape due to temperature, making it the perfect strong, leak-resistant glass for a vaping tank. They even include a spare in the box, just in case.

What's in the Box:

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VU253 (Lab) Uwell Crown 3 Tank

Designed for maximum flavor with minimum leakage, the Uwell Crown 3 tank is the new sub-ohm tank to beat. Clever design meets high-end manufacture.

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