Surefire Heir RDA

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Inheritor of the throne, the Surefire Heir RDA is 22mm of genius design and high-quality materials! With generous 3mm x 7mm adjustable bottom airflow slots, the body of the Heir RDA is sleek and smooth, and the chimneys rise directly under your dual coils, with a deep juice well between the airflow and the all-copper center post. And the bottom airflow is notched, so you don't even have to find a mod with airflow notches: even your flushest of flush fits will breathe deep! With PEEK insulators throughout - and even a 10mm PEEK competition drip tip! - the Heir keeps heat where you want it, not where you'll feel it.

The deck is a split positive design, with deck-milled negative post: both carry wide 2mm post holes for your largest-gauge coils. Cap 'em off with that beautiful engraved cuff and PEEK drip tip, and all together the whole system works like an air pump, pulling air directly through your coils and feeding it upward; that wide drip tip is perfectly beveled to direct the air to you, but not the spatter, which simply runs back down into the wells. It's the perfect balance of throughput and obstruction to produce maximum turbulence with minimal mess. The king has left the building: long live the Heir RDA!

WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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