Suorin Air Starter Kit

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The Suorin Air Starter Kit is an ultra-portable vape battery that includes everything you need to start vaping today - except vape juice, of course! (Though you can always pick up a 25-cent sample of this week's featured vape juice on checkout!) This draw-activated pod system is so simple, it doesn't even need buttons: just inhale and vape.

The sleek, modern design is tasteful and highly concealable. Take a look at the pictures above comparing it to one of our 30ml triangle bottles. This is a very small device! There's nothing small about its performance, though: the 1.2 ohm coils, built into the Suorin Air 2ml Replacement Cartridges, produce plenty of vapor, with the perfect airflow for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping. You can swap cartridges whenever you want, so pick up a few spares and keep different e-liquids in each one!

The 400mAh battery gives you all-day vapability, an LED battery light makes it simple to keep track of your charge, and the micro-USB port makes top-ups easy. A hard, tactile on-off switch gives you peace of mind, so you know it won't go off when you don't want it to.

The Suorin Air is perfect for anyone looking for a pocket vape: it's ideal for a stealth vape, or a backup piece, or just a sleek and stylish concealable vaping pod system.

  • Battery capacity: 400mAh
  • Coil resistance: 1.2 ohm
  • Cartridge capacity: 2ml
  • Recharging port: micro-USB
  • Activation: draw-activated, no-button design
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