Starter Kits

Everything you need to vape - except e-liquid! For new users, our Starter Kits make it easy to begin vaping, and get away from smelly, expensive cigarettes. Our selection of vape pens, e-cigarettes, and sub-ohm mods offers the full cross-section of vaping hardware, so you can start vaping without needing to select individual components or know what attaches to where. Start vaping today with the assurance that you have everything you need, and that it will all work together!

We offer Beginner Starter Kits for those just starting out in the wonderful world of vaping, as well as Intermediate Starter Kits for those with a little more experience under their belts. For more experienced users, our Advanced Starter Kits are an easy way to pick up the full kit - atomizer, mod/battery, the works - in one handy, matched package. Whether you’re looking for a backup piece or just a sweet deal on a matched set, we’ve got you covered!

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