Smok GX350 Mod

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Smok GX350, in red, and in silver

The most powerful mod we've ever offered! The Smok GX350 mod is the first mass-produced quad-18650 regulated mod on the market, and it sets the standard for all others to follow.

This incredible mod can reach 350 watts through the use of an unprecedented four 18650 cells, but it's not just about big power numbers: this is one of the most advanced mods on the market right now. This device supports temperature control using all your standard wire types - Ni, Ti, SS - all while allowing you to set a custom TCR value, to provide the most sophisticated experience available. Four selectable wattage ramp-up curves allow you to fine-tune how fast those watts hit your coils. The enormous top-mounted OLED screen is daylight-visible white-on-black, like a modern Ferrari dashboard.

All this power requires serious protection, and the Smok GX350 offers plenty: temperature protection, short circuit protection, over current and over/under voltage protection are all provided, and each set of batteries has its own independent battery monitor.

Smok knew that this mod was destined to be the all-day vape for anyone who touched it, so they've been careful with the design, as well. Hold your hand up, thumb to fingertips. Is that square? If so, seek medical attention; if not, you're like the rest of humanity and square box mods don't fit your hands comfortably. Smok designers, who also have hands, understand this, so they've made the GX350 in a trapezoid that fits the hand perfectly. And despite having four 18650 cells, the Smok GX350 is actually smaller around than those other triple-18650 mods! (You know who we mean; don't make us snitch on our beloved.) Carbon fiber grips and a flawless firing bar make the GX350 comfortable and easy to use.

Smok wouldn't get all this right and then miss the basics: the frame is actually a painted zinc alloy for durability, the battery contacts are gold plated, and so is the 510 pin! The USB port can be used to flash firmware updates.

Be the first person you know to hold 350 watts in your hand like you were born with it there. Own the power today!

  • Wattage Range: 6W-350W
  • Mininum Resistance: 0.06 ohm
  • Temperature Range: 200°F-600°F
  • Temperature Control Modes: Nickel (Ni), Titanium (Ti), and Stainless Steel (SS)
  • Custom TCR Value
  • Temperature Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Over Current Protection
  • Over/Under Voltage Protection
MEL Zone:

You'd be hard-pressed to find a better out-of-the-box combination than this mod and the SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King Sub-Ohm Tank. This is an absolutely amazing combo, 'cause the GX350 has enough wattage to keep even the 12-coil V12-T12 happy. Try one today!

A couple of cautions apply to any mod of this type. First, we don't recommend using the onboard USB charging, as it's faster, safer, and better for the life of your batteries to use an external charger like a Basen BS-4, whose four bays let you charge a full set of batteries for your GX350. Second, if there's any damage to the casing of any of your batteries, you should absolutely not use that battery, as it could short or arc dangerously; just pick up a new 18650 battery wrap for 25 cents and #vapesafe! Third, you should use a set of identically-matched (or "married") batteries. Buy them together, charge them together, and discharge them together. One big happy family! Fourth and finally, make sure you're using batteries that'll feed this beast the amperage it craves: we recommend the Basen 18650 3500mAh 10A/30A flat top battery.

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