Single-18650 Clear Silicone Battery Holder

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Battery shorts are no joke: keep yourself and the people around you safe by keeping your batteries in a case like this excellent Single-18650 Clear Silicone Battery Holder!

When it's just rattling around in your pocket or bag, a battery can easily short against other conductive items, or even other batteries. You've seen the YouTube videos: if it's funny at all, it's only funny when it's not happening to you! And even if you keep everything conductive away from your batteries, the battery wrap can get damaged against other objects, and then you've got a possible short right in your device! Yeah, that device you put up to your face all day.

So #vapesafe, and keep your batteries in this Single-18650 Clear Silicone Battery Holder. Constructed of durable and flexible silicone, this holder keeps a single 18650 held in its gentle hands. A slot on the end for a clip, lanyard, or small carabiner (not included) lets you attach the case to whatever you'd like. It's an inexpensive and convenient way to keep yourself and the people around you safe from shorting batteries!

(Need to carry more than one battery? Check out our Basen Zipper Battery Case. Need to carry four? Our Storacell Quad-18650 Battery Case has you covered!)

Battery not included! ;)

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