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President Regrets Vape Remarks; CDC Reconsiders

There's too much news this week to fit into one blog, so we're doing a roundup of the top two news stories this week!

President Trump

Even the leader of the free world would rather not tangle with the likes of vapers. President Trump this week expressed regret that he'd ever gotten personally involved in the vapor ban issue, after discovering what the political cost was.

According to Axios, during a conference call with Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, President Donald Trump told his HHS secretary, "I should never have done that f***ing vaping thing."

While the President didn't express regret in the decisions or policies, it's clear that the issue has cost him political capital. The #WeVapeWeVote movement, and vapers everywhere, immediately expressed outrage at the President's planned vapor ban, and then compromise flavor ban.

The eventual result - a ban on closed-system flavored vapes - is viewed by many on both sides as the ideal compromise: one that everyone dislikes. It checks the boxes of the most common way youth vapers consume the product, but does nothing to restrict access to youth vapers, nor to affect the open-system market.

For adults who prefer open-system vaping and its flexibility, but prefer to taste fruit, desserts, mint, et cetera, this is a definite win, and proof that, as a political force, vapers will have to be considered by politicians at all levels, of all parties. We vape, and we vote, and we're not shy about speaking our minds.

Someone vaping, behind the CDC logo.

In other news, months after the outbreak of E-cigarette or Vaping product use–Associated Lung Injury (EVALI), the CDC has revised its recommendation that no one should vape. The move comes nearly a month after the CDC had been aware that nicotine vaping was almost certainly not the cause of EVALI, as we discussed at the time, and several months after the likely cause of EVALI had been identified as Vitamin E acetate, an additive only found in THC vape cartridges, but as a deliberative agency involved in human health, the CDC must of necessity move slowly and deliberately.

Though some dose of that deliberateness might have been useful before their initial fear-mongering "no vaping" recommendation, but that's vapor past the coils now.

The new recommendation still advises that underage people, pregnant women, and non-tobacco users shouldn’t vape, but those recommendations are broadly shared by the vaping community, as well, and aren't as ruinous to existing vapers and vape businesses as the previous blanket recommendation.

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