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Plastic Bottle E-Liquid: The Quality Choice?

With more attention than ever on quality, affordable e-liquid, we sat down with Mister-E-Liquid’s own E-Liquid Developer, Josh Bennett, to get his views on how our plastic bottle e-liquid compares to our glass bottle lines, and which vapers might be interested in each.

So Josh, tell us a little about yourself. How did you start vaping? It’s kind of a long story. I started vaping in 2010 because John Waldmiller (ed: now Sales Manager for Mister-E-Liquid) and I wanted to quit smoking together. We just did an online search for “e-cigarettes” and found a very cheap cig-a-like for $20, so we got them for each other's birthdays! (Laughs.) I was instantly done with traditional cigs from then on.

John and I were in a band together at that time. We were up north one day, practicing, and our crappy little cartridges ran out. We didn’t want to smoke, so John did a search for e-cigs in the area. Keeping in mind that dripping, 510 batteries, and cartomizers were new and nothing we had ever seen before, the search result brought up Mister-E-Liquid.com, and showed a local result. I had to go back into town that day anyway, so John called me and said he had found a way for us to get more vape, or “e-juice” as they called it then, and gave me a phone number that would change my life.

I called the number and I hear, “This is Mister-E-Liquid, how can I help you?”

I remember being almost terrified as I said “I need juice for my e-cig.”

“Okay,” said the voice at the other end of the line, “what type of e-liquid would you like?”

I told him I started with menthol and asked if he had anything like that, and he started listing off all his different menthols and nic strengths. So I ordered two 12ml, 12 nic, 33% VG bottles of Mister-E's Menthol and went to pick them up.

Wait, so you were actually a customer before you worked here? Oh, yeah. Remember, this was 2010, back when it was just Dan (ed: Lawitzke, owner of Mister-E-Liquid): Mister-E’s didn’t have their first lab on Division, much less the cleanroom we have today. I remember it like it was yesterday: I pulled up to an apartment building and buzzed the room I was told and then out comes Dan - the owner - with his black lab. He hands me the bottles and then he takes a hit from a Riva 510 battery and just fills the air with vapor! It was so cool. I couldn’t do that with my $20 setup!

That day, November 13, 2010, a friendship started. I did whatever I could to spend more time with my new friend and to help him with his dream. I would go to his house and help as much as I could before I had to go to work. In 2012, Mister-E’s opened our first vape shop in Kentwood, MI - our current Division location - and that summer I officially became Mister-E’s first employee, and have been here ever since.

Dan, Dave (ed: Doud, former Inventory Control Manager at Mister-E-Liquid), and I worked very hard every day from sunup to sundown. I started as the mixer, so I would do all the orders for the website and then work the storefront when it opened. Dan and myself would try and come up with new flavors as often as we could. As the company grew, I would become the mixer for our wholesale customers and when I could find time, I’d work on new flavors.

How long have you been Mister-E-Liquid’s E-Liquid Developer? 2014 is when I was officially offered the flavorist position I’m currently in. I have been an official employee for almost 5 years, but I’ve been a part of the dream for almost 7 years. In that time Dan and I have created many of the flavors you all know and love still today. So I have been designing flavors for roughly 4 years.

How many flavors would you estimate you’ve designed? Since 2014 alone I have maybe 400 recipes? But not all of them work out. (Laughs.)

So let’s talk a little about e-liquid. How does Mister-E-Liquid differ from other companies’ e-liquids? Well, I can’t speak for other companies, but it has always been Mister-E-Liquid’s goal to provide the highest-quality e-liquid available and I think we still do this very well. And our variety’s so great that we’re able to give people the flavor profiles they’re looking for. I personally put my everything into all the flavors I have designed, and I am very proud to be a part of a company that puts so much care into what actually is going into our e-liquid.

How does our Mister-E-Liquid plastic bottle e-liquid compare to their glass bottle lines? What’s the difference between the two? Well first, let’s say this: all of Mister-E-Liquid’s products are made from the same high-quality base ingredients, and the same care and hard work goes into all of our products, whether it be a glass bottle or the specialized plastic triangle bottle you all know and love.

The biggest difference between our glass line and plastic line is how and when it’s made: all of our plastic line is made-to-order, so it doesn’t get made until you personally order it. Then it is either sent directly to you in our stores, or mailed to your house. This will result in the freshest juice experience you can get.

Our glass lines, on the other hand, are all made prior to any order. We make larger batches so we can ship them out to our stores or to any online order that we do, and thus our glass bottle e-liquid will have had longer to steep than our made-to-order plastic bottle lines.

But as I’ve said, I put the same care and time into every flavor I make, whether it be glass or plastic, so no matter what you get from Mister-E-Liquid, you are going to be happy with it!

So the ingredients that go into Mister-E-Liquid’s plastic bottle juice are the same high quality as those in glass bottle? Why choose the glass bottle e-liquid, then? Yes, to me the difference between glass and plastic is personal preference. Additionally, our glass bottle lines were all designed for a specific VG range, generally for dripping: while our plastic bottle lines can be ordered in a variety of VGs, including 70 percent, our glass bottle lines were all designed from the start with high VG in mind.

It’s different needs for different people, then? Yes, that's the beauty of our vaping community: you have the choice to customize your vaping habits to what suits you.

What are your personal favorite flavors? Oh, man, that’s a loaded question! (Laughs.) When I first started, Mister-E’s Watermelon with Ice 3 was a must for me! (Laughs.) My number one, all day, all the time vape is Trademark Infringement: if you see me that's what I have! I also enjoy Blue VoodooDime PieceHeartbreakerPandora, and Blonut Hole. Last but not least, Italy’s Finest, which of all the flavors I’ve designed is the one I feel is closest to the real thing: I am extremely proud of that flavor!

Anything else you’d like to add? It’s been a dream come true to be able to do what I do, and I truly love doing it. I would like to say thank you for embracing my weird flavor choices over the years! (Laughs.)

I hope the vaping community realizes the value of high-quality e-liquid; we need to be aware that vaping is a beautiful thing and can help many people change their lives, but you need to be careful and be informed about what you are vaping. There are many companies that offer good high-quality e-liquid so if you are unsure, ask around! But know that you can always trust the quality, consistency, and flavor of Mister-E-Liquid!

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