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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Our Signature Tobacco May Surprise You! (Part 2)

From the U.S. House voting to ban flavored tobacco products to Colorado proposing a ban on the sale of flavored nicotine products, the federal and state governments haven’t backed down on their push for flavor bans. Many of these bans (or proposed bans) still allow for the sale of tobacco and menthol flavors. When you’re forced to make a change to the flavors you’ve come to love, it can get confusing. Mister-E-Liquid is here to help again!

Our Signature Tobacco Series has 12 different flavors that cover a variety of tastes for your palate. These flavors include Casino21, Copperhead, Elite, Grey Matter, HFC, Mr-E's RY4, Pirate’s Bounty, Red Rider, Rough Neck, Southern Fields, and Varadero. You can read the flavor profile of each flavor here, but we know that taste is very subjective and with so many variations it’s hard to choose the one that’s right for you. That’s why we’ve been making an effort to hear from our loyal customers about what these flavors taste like to them and why they vape them!

We’ve already covered Grey Matter, Varadero, Elite, and Red Rider in part 1 of this blog. You can read what customers had to say about those flavors there. Today, we’ll be covering Casino21, Copperhead, Pirate’s Bounty, and Southern Fields!

Mister-E-Liquid "Casino21" Vape Juice

MEL Flavor Description: "Double down on this powerful tobacco e-liquid! This familiar Turkish blend has an analog cigarette feel with a great throat hit. Casino21 is a natural!"

Teresa said: "I absolutely love this juice. I’m not a fruity or sweet type of vape juice girl so this was perfect for me. This is the only juice I use!!! Thank you Mr. E!!!"

Melly said: "I described it to my husband and he said it sounded gross … But I… love it??!! If you are fond of the smell of stale cigarette smoke then look no further. This one satisfies."

Mister-E-Liquid Casino21 Vape Juice
Mister-E-Liquid Copperhead Vape Juice

Mister-E-Liquid "Copperhead" Vape Juice

MEL Flavor Description: "This copperhead has a wicked bite! This tobacco e-liquid blends the heady flavor of a warm pipe tobacco with a subtle, creamy blueberry for a flavor combination you’ve just got to try. When you get the urge to reach for that pipe, reach for Copperhead instead!"

Bridget said: "It tastes like flue cured tobacco with honey it is a very pleasant taste. The thing that I noticed is that the blueberry is very subtle. Burning it on high or low setting, the higher settings I noticed the blueberry. It is a unique taste all around."

Melly said: "I wanted to love this one, I really did. The taste is interesting, like a strong caramel candy corn, but I couldn’t pick up on any of the tobacco notes I came for. I’ll use a drop or two to pump up bland juices but it was way too sweet for me to vape on its own."

Michelle said: "I just vaped this for the first time, straight out of the mailbox. All I can say is Holy S***! This is so good and I’m thrilled to find something that tastes like actual blueberry. Add the tobacco and SHAZAM! Will be purchasing this one again."

Mister-E-Liquid "Pirate's Bounty" Vape Juice

MEL Flavor Description: "Deep in the bluest ocean, far from any sign of civilization, lies a hidden isle with a peak like a broken blade, and in the lee of the waterfall at the heart of the island is a cave, full of treasures untold, and lost to time until now. From this bounty we've selected the finest Cavendish tobaccos, and (metaphorically) made an e-liquid from them: rich, complex flavors, with the aroma of a thousand forgotten ports, of full, long-aged tobacco, grown in secret fields beyond the sight of mortal men.

(Note: No pirates were harmed in the making of this e-liquid. E-liquid contains no booty. Flavor of smooth, aromatic, complex tobacco may cause desire for more Pirate’s Bounty.)"

Melly said: "I am again impressed with Mr E’s tobacco offerings. This juice manages to capture the thick, spicy sweetness of a moist, freshly opened bag of tobacco without overdoing any of the elements. Extremely satisfying, will reorder."

Joe said: "Very nice smooth relaxing flavor I use it in a Novo vape and it works and tastes great. I will be ordering more in the future."

Mister-E-Liquid Pirate's Bounty Vape Juice
Mister-E-Liquid Southern Fields Vape Juice

Mister-E-Liquid "Southern Fields" Vape Juice

MEL Flavor Description: "The Commonwealth of Kentucky gives us so many wonderful things! First and foremost, they grow amazing cigar tobacco, presented here, wrapped in its own finest leaf, and ready to be enjoyed with any of Kentucky's other very fine exports.

Brenton said: "I like this juice a lot but it tastes nothing like tobacco or bourbon. It tastes like straight up tootsie rolls. I’m not complaining though."

Over the next 5 weeks, we’ll be covering the rest of the Mister-E-Liquid Signature Tobacco Series flavors. Want to get in on the action and let us know what you think? Each week we will highlight a different flavor, asking for your best description of that flavor. If you haven't had the pleasure of vaping the featured flavor, fret not, we are offering 50% off one bottle per person for the entire week! Grab a bottle at half off, spend a few days with it, and come back to our Facebook page to let us know what you think. All future flavors and coupon codes will only be featured there so be sure you head over and give it a like today!

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