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Our Labs and Processes

Our Labs and Processes

The team at Mister-E-Liquid hand crafts all of our e-liquid in an industry-leading Class 6 cleanroom that is governed by the ISO 14644 standard, located at our corporate headquarters in Grand Rapids, MI.

ISO 14644 standards regulate the air purity in a manufacturing environment. These standards are used in pharmaceutical, aerospace, and microelectronic applications to ensure a minimal amount of particulates are present in the air. Before a facility can be tested for certification, there are many things that have to be considered. Type of filtration units, intake and exhaust layouts, room pressurization, and many other factors can greatly alter the cleanliness of the laboratory. The amount of engineering that drives a cleanroom is quite remarkable!

Our cleanroom, an astonishing sight worth seeing firsthand. Our lab is equipped with filters that operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to keep the air as clean as possible by trapping particles as small as 0.3 micrometers, also known as microns. A graphic below shows a comparison of some common items around that size.

Micron Scale Chart

Air filtration is just one of the many steps Mister-E-Liquid has taken to ensure the safety of the products you receive. We also utilize laboratory and pharmaceutical-grade equipment, non-porous surfaces, and a rigorous cleaning schedule, amongst a variety of other methods to assure the quality of your e-liquid.

Our cleanroom, an astonishing sight worth seeing firsthand. The process of establishing an ISO Class 6 cleanroom doesn’t stop at the certification. It also has to be maintained! Regular testing and maintenance of the facility is mandatory to keep everything within the ISO 14644 standards. Assuring that we ship a safe product alone is worthy of the time and effort that is put into the lab. This process benefits not only the staff at Mister-E-Liquid and the consumers, but the industry as well! By going above and beyond any current regulation, we believe we have established an outstanding facility that is capable of future success, even in consideration of the FDA deeming regulations.

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