Our E-Liquid

Base liquids in our cleanroom

The team at Mister-E-Liquid hand-crafts all of our e-liquid in an industry-leading Class 6 cleanroom that is governed by the ISO 14644 standard, located at our corporate headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Mister-E-Liquid uses 100% USP Food Grade propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). Our PG and VG base is also 99.9% pure and 100% Kosher. We pride ourselves in providing the highest-quality ingredients available, and we feel that this really shines through in our e-liquids. Our nicotine solution is of very high quality, and is one of the clearest, purest nicotine solutions commercially available. All of our base liquids are sourced in the USA. Our glass bottle e-liquid typically comes in a fixed VG percentage, carefully selected for optimum performance with an individual flavor. Mister-E-Liquid and Vinyl both come in a variety of VG percentages, including 33%, 50%, and 70%. (Some VG percentages are not compatible with high nicotine levels due to the limitations of volume in the bottle and FDA labeling requirements: an error message will display if an invalid combination is selected.)

Mister-E-Liquid flavorings are sourced in the USA and contain natural and artificial flavorings. We try to provide liquids without artificial coloring. This is why most of our liquids are clear: they contain no color enhancement.

Final product from our cleanroom

No Additives
Mister-E-Liquid.com does not add throat hit enhancer or any other additives to our liquid. We try to bring different characteristics out in each liquid we produce by design, not by adding things that don't need to be in a good quality e-liquid. With Mister-E-Liquid, it's no mystery: we print our ingredients on every bottle, so our customers know exactly what they are putting into their bodies.

A quality hand-made e-liquid, like a fine bottle of wine, will take time to age. The flavor of your e-liquid will develop - or "steep" - over the course of up to fourteen days, allowing a full-bodied vape to emerge. While all Mister-E-Liquid juice is ready to vape as soon as you receive it, you may find that storing it in a cool, dark place for a couple of weeks first will provide a more complex, richer flavor when you do vape it!

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