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Why We Vape

4th Jan 2018

Why We Vape

Everyone who vapes has a different reason for it, a different cause that led them to start vaping, a different benefit they derived from making the switch to vaping. "Why vape?" is such a difficult question to answer, because there are so many different reasons! The FDA assures us that they are serious about science, and vaping just hasn't been studied enough yet to be able to prove that vaping is or is not healthier than smoking. This conservative approach might be frustrating for vaping evangelists, but the fact is, even setting aside the health debate, there are more than enough reasons to make the switch today!

Vaping is nothing but options, all day, every day
Multiple choice is easier

The benefits of vaping start with flexibility. With smoking, you basically choose a brand, maybe a length, and that's it: it's gonna be tobacco wrapped in paper, whatever else you do with it. There are a few options for flavor - menthol, basically - but certainly no one's smoking strawberry angel food cake all day: they're smoking burning plants, which have a pretty distinct taste (and smell, but we'll get to that).

Vaping is nothing but options, all day, every day. Thousands of different flavors, from sweet breakfast cereals to rich chocolate cakes to powerful bourbon stouts. Hundreds of different battery options, hundreds of different atomizer options. Make your own coils or buy pre-made. Drip onto a bare coil or use a big tank full of ejuice. Power it with removable batteries or a built-in USB-rechargeable cell. You can wake up to a light breeze of blueberry donut hole, power through the day on clouds of chocolate-covered pretzel, and finish off the night with a heavy chuff of RY4 tobacco. Try doing that with cigarettes!

What nicotine?

Sure, you can try no-nic "herbal cigarettes". Go ahead. Give them a try. We'll wait.

See what we mean? They're terrible. They taste awful, pretty much universally. But with vaping, basically any ejuice flavor - and all Mister-E-Liquid.com vape juice - is available in zero nicotine, with essentially the same flavor as the full-fat version! There's a little less throat hit, a little less tongue tingle, but you can finally get your hand-to-mouth fix without nicotine, if you so choose!

Vaping allows me to start and stop whenever I want.
Start/Stop button

When you light a cigarette, you've got a couple options: suck the whole thing down, or put it out midway and then have this stinking thing in your pocket until you relight it later, its taste somehow made even worse yet. Vaping isn't like that: you can take a hit here and there, one every hour, or one every minute, or you can sit quietly for five minutes and vape in peace. There's no penalty for stopping what you're doing and picking it up later. Boss needs you to come inside real quick? You don't have to waste a cigarette, you just pocket your mod and go back when you can!

Smoking takes all your money away: vaping is cheaper!
Smoking takes all your monies away

Cigarettes are expensive, there's no doubt. From $5.25 a pack in Missouri to $12.85 in New York, the price of a pack of cigarettes - purchased daily! - is seriously formidable. A pack-a-day smoker in MO will spend nearly $2000 a year on cigarettes; a three-pack smoker from NY will spend an astonishing $14,000.

Compare that to the cost of vaping. There is an initial buy-in cost, generally between $10 and $100, but after that, costs plateau quickly. Vaping 2ml a day - reasonable on a starter kit - your daily vape juice cost could be as little as $0.52 a day. Even the heaviest vaper would be hard-pressed to vape $12.85 a day in vape juice! There's also the cost of coils (or wick, if you make your own), but these are pretty trivial: a couple bucks for a coil that'll last a few weeks or more.

Vaping is just less expensive, no matter how you look at it. It's tremendously less expensive.

We do recognize that initial buy-in cost represents a risk, though: what if you don't enjoy vaping? That's why, for a limited time, we're offering you a starter kit for the price of a pack of cigarettes! $8 is the average cost per pack here in Michigan, so for a limited time, we'll sell you an Eleaf iCare Starter Kit for $8 - 50 percent off the regular price! You've got nothing to lose! Try vaping for a day instead of smoking: if you don't like it, do what you want, but you'll always have that starter kit there waiting for you.

Smoking stinks!
Smoking Stinks

Sorry to be the ones to tell you - just in case we're the first - but smoking smells awful. Like, nauseatingly awful. Burning organic material produces all kinds of substances that tend to stick everywhere - hair, clothes, walls - and just stink. Maybe you've been smoking so long that you can't tell, but trust us: if you smoke, you stink.

Vaping is not like that. While you'll definitely end up with a thin film of vape juice on your car windows or your walls or whatever, it's all non-volatile water-soluable stuff that tends to evaporate or just stay put: it's not throwing out odor molecules for years. Walk into a room where someone's vaping, and you're basically going to smell their breakfast cereal or sweet mint. Come back 15 minutes later, and you'll be lucky to smell anything at all! Imagine, your house not smelling like an ashtray, but instead, smelling like blueberry vanilla cream pie or cinnamon candies! Which is why...

Where's the vaping section?

...in many places, you're still allowed to vape indoors! And we don't just mean people's houses or cars that'd normally stop you - though that's a huge deal, too! - but also in businesses, including some restaurants and bars. Tired of going outside to freeze or bake while you smoke? Remember what it was like to be able to smoke right after dinner? Well, you can have that back, with vaping.

No one likes smokers anymore

Look, we recognize vaping has a bit of a rep, but that's nothing compared to what people think when they see you smoking, or smell you in the elevator at work. Smokers are pariahs. While vaping hasn't exactly reached full social acceptance yet, you're regularly seeing movie stars and celebrities vaping now, sometimes during their shows! Leonardo DiCaprio vaped at the Screen Actors Guild awards; Dave Chappelle vapes all through his latest Netflix special. We're not saying cool people vape, but...no, actually, that's exactly what we're saying.

Cigarettes are the leading cause of fire-related deaths, while vaping has never caused a single fire-related death.
(Not) Burning Down the House

We used to heat our houses with burning wood, and light them with candles or kerosene lanterns, and the risk of fire was extraordinary: whole cities burned, relatively regularly. With the advent of modern heating and lighting, the risks of home fires have slowly fallen away, leaving one champion: cigarette smoking. Cigarettes are the leading cause of fire-related deaths in the US and several other developed nations. While there have been some instances of fires and battery venting as a result of vaping, the number is much lower, and we were unable to find a single case of vaping-related fire fatalities. One is the number one cause of fire death in the home; the other has never caused a fire death in the home. Simple choices.

Vaping is an entire community!
Where Everybody Knows Your Name (and your nic preference)

There is a certain brotherhood in smoking, sure. Clustered around under an umbrella in the rain, shoved off to the margins of society, stinky pariahs: it's natural there'd be some banding-together going on. But vaping is an entire community. We're talking about hundreds of online forums full of people sharing their experiences, conventions with people making dozens of new vaping friends, local vape shops that are basically lounges where you can get together with all sorts of people who have this hobby in common.

You don't have to be a part of the community, if you don't want to, but you always know you have this huge resource of knowledgable people who are excited to meet you and help you navigate the million options vaping presents.

With all the same benefits

And this is what it comes down to: all the benefits, fewer of the costs. If you vape, you still get the handfeel of bringing something to your mouth. You still get the throat hit on inhalation, still get the mouthfeel of exhalation. That experience - which is as necessary or more to the joy of smoking - is shared with vaping, and in many cases even more powerful.

You want nicotine, and you've got an oral fixation: guess what, that's why we vape! Make the switch today!

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