Why the Smok GX350?

Why the Smok GX350?

9th Jun 2017

As part of our constant drive to offer only the latest and best vaping equipment, we no longer carry the Smok GX350. Check out our Regulated Mods section for newer, even better options!

The Smok GX350 is a 350-watt mod with a difference: quad-18650 battery power. But is this high-wattage mod just a gimmick, or is there substance beneath that surface? We’ve been using the Smok GX350 mod for several weeks, and we’re going to look at what makes this mod so special, what works and what doesn’t, and answer the question: why the Smok GX350?

Smok GX350, in red and silver

We’re not going to bury the lede: this thing puts out 350 watts, all day. For those of us who remember a time when 12 watts was like cooking with jet fuel, this is big news. Even now, it’s rare to see this kind of power out of a consumer mod like this Smok, which is positioned on the high-medium end of the market. It achieves this lofty aim with a combination of clever chipset and four high-current 18650 batteries. Four of them. Let it sink in. Configured in dual-channel mode, with two batteries in series on each channel, this mod has the current and capacity to satisfy any vaper.

Those two qualities alone split the GX350’s intended audience in two: on one hand, you’ve got hardcore vapers looking to blow serious clouds on custom RDAs; on the other hand, you’ve got people looking to get multiple-day battery consumption out of a single mod. That’s right: you don’t actually have to run this monster at 350 watts the whole time, and if you’re just putting 30 watts into your Kanger tank or 80 into your Big Baby Beast, you’re going to be able to pass by the charger like a Tesla passing gas stations.

Smok GX350 box mod, in red

That’s the big ticket items out of the way, but the GX350 has more going on than just the obvious. As you fire it up, take note of the full-grip firing bar. For better or worse, the engagement is much more localized than on the Smok Alien - a comparison you’re going to be reading rather a lot more about in the near future - so you’ve really got to be pressing the top of the bar specifically, rather than just a general pressure anywhere near the front of the device. A little convenience isn’t too much to give up for added safety, if that’s the idea.

When the device turns on, which it does a lot more quickly than some mods out there, you’re greeted by a vivid OLED display. It’s bright and readable, and well-positioned. Daylight visibility is good but not excellent. Navigation of the software through the screen is easy and natural, and the variety of options is stunning. Everything you’re looking for is here: temperature control with nickel, stainless steel, and titanium; custom TCR values; selectable ramp-up curves so you can tune how ferocious your hit is; all that.

Smok GX350 mod, in red and silver, from above

Overall ergonomics are great; this quad-battery mod fits more naturally to hand than a lot of triple-18650 mods, without being substantially larger. There’s a lock/unlock button right up top, just below that fabulous screen, and it’s awesome how easy it makes locking. It’d have been nice to see a wattage/temp lock, but the thing I really care most about is not having 350 watts going off in my pocket without knowing about it. Button placement and action is good for a device in this price range; longevity remains to be seen. Likewise the finishes, which look great, but which are, on our heavily-used test model, starting to show slight signs of wear, unlike the more durable finish on the Smok Alien. Very minor, but something to be careful of.

Another caution regards batteries: not all 18650s are the same length, and you’ll find our Basen 18650 3500mAh 10A/30A flat top batteries, some of the longer 18650s on the market, are a tight fit, leaving the mod rocking back and forth on its battery door. Our shortest 18650s would be the Samsung 25R INR 18650 2500mAh 20A/35A Li-Ni-Mn flat top battery, which is a better choice anyway for a few reasons, including amperage and chemistry.

Smok GX350 box mod, from below

These quibbles, though, don’t detract from what is truly an amazing technological feat: 350 watts, once the purview of homebuilt boxes as likely to melt as vape, now yours for what I assure you is an extremely reasonable price, considering the capabilities. If you don’t need the capacity or the wattage, try out the Smok Alien, with a “mere” 220 watts and dual-18650s, and slightly better fit and finish. But if you want several thousand mAh and 350 watts of power, that’s why the Smok GX350.

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