Vaporesso Nebula: All Things to All People?

Vaporesso Nebula: All Things to All People?

5th Jul 2017

Any regulated mod you buy nowadays is a little smart: it’s got a computer in there making calculations and adjusting voltages and protecting against shorts and the like. But in the same way we used to have cell phones, and now we have smartphones, does the Vaporesso Nebula create an entirely new segment of the regulated mod world: the smartmod? We’re going to dig deep into this amazing 100 watt device and find out if one mod can truly be everything to everyone.

Any journey “deep into the heart” of something starts on its outside, and by this standard, the Nebula’s a striker. Some mods are subtle and understated, simple and vague in their design. The Vaporesso Nebula is not one of those mods! This is more technical, more futuristic, harder-edged. It’s clear that Vaporesso had a specific image in mind for the Nebula, and they didn’t hesitate to embrace it. If you’re looking for a “blend in” mod, this thing’s probably not for you.

We’ve had our hands on every color now, and these finishes are excellent. The body is zinc alloy, so it’s got a solidity and weight to it that tell you this isn’t el cheapo mod, built down to a price: this thing is serious. They wrap the magnetic battery door with an excellent, non-slip grip that curves perfectly to hand, and the firing button placement is superb. If we’ve got one complaint - and we do, literally, have just one complaint - it’s that squeezing the grip in just the right way will pop the battery door, and you have to pop it back up. So either you don’t grip it downward to the door release, or when you do, you slide your hand back up. As petty complaints go, it’s a really minor one, but we believe in giving it to you straight!

It’s a pretty tiny mod: it’s just barely taller than a 26650, which, as you’ll see, is quite a feat given what they’ve packed into this thing! Here’s a fine detail a lot of mod manufacturers miss: the 510 connection has a standoff, with airflow grooves, for your atomizers with bottom-fed airflow. See, all things to all people: that’s the Nebula’s clever plan.

Let’s dig another level deeper, though. Pop open that slick magnetic battery door and the space inside is a little larger than you might be expecting, and that’s where the Vaporesso really starts to show its universal appeal: it takes both 26650 and 18650 batteries! A silicone sleeve is all that’s required to use 18650s, all the way up to 80 watts: it’ll take the 26650 natively, and when you do that, the world opens up to 100 watts of power!

Power without control is as useless as lightning, though: sure, it’s electricity, but if you can’t put it where you need it, it’s not doing you any good and it could well be doing harm. And this is where the Vaporesso Nebula picks up its assortment of hats and asks you which one you’d like to wear today. You want control over power? This mod has it. It’s got six modes, to start with. It’s got your basic variable wattage mode, and your basic temperature control mode, with support for nickel, stainless steel, and titanium, as you’d expect from a high-end modern mod.

But here’s where it gets smart. The OMNI board in the Nebula is what really, really sets this bad boy apart. (“OMNI”, get it? From the Latin word for “all” or “everything”. That’s the key!) The Nebula has a smart wattage mode, where it will automatically set the best wattage based on the resistance of the atomizer! You can override its suggestion, but this automatic mode is superb, and can absolutely save your coils. Moreover, its memory means that it won’t easily let you accidentally set the wattage way too high: when you swap tanks, it’ll stop and let you know you’ve got a new load on it, and reset that wattage when you confirm. No more shooting 100 watts into your Kanger SSOCC coils!

It actually gets smarter. It also has two curve modes, one for wattage and one for temperature. Did you enjoy Escribe? Well, imagine having all the power Escribe gives you for DNA mods, and more, but right on the mod, no PC required! You can set, second by second, the temperature level you want, with its TCR mode, but even more impressively, the OMNI board will allow you to set wattage curves, as well! Rather than just set a plateau where the temperature will cap off, you can curve into and out of temperatures second-by-second, and program it all from the device itself, no PC needed! Of course, you can use the included USB - and they supply a really high-quality cable, which shows the attention to detail - to connect the Nebula to your PC for firmware updates.

You want it simple? The Vaporesso Nebula can play simple, too, with its Bypass mode, which allows you to use this like a mech mod! Of course, then all our standard mech mod cautions apply: you better know Watt’s Law and Ohm’s Law before you switch on that Bypass!

We believe this mod - and, more specifically, its OMNI board - is going to revolutionize vaping. What smartphones did for your cell phone, the OMNI board does for your mod: makes it smart. That intelligence gives it the flexibility to be everything to everyone: whatever mode you want to vape in, it can do; whatever temp or wattage you want to ramp, second by second, it can do; 26650 or 18650, it can do; wattages from 5 to 100, it can do, and do intelligently so you’re not cooking coils! Can one mod be all things to all people? It can if it’s the Vaporesso Nebula!

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