Vape into Spring with Mister-E-Liquid!

Vape into Spring with Mister-E-Liquid!

15th May 2017

Spring is finally here, and that means our nesting days are over - for the year, anyway. Gone are the "comfort flavors" of winter: it's time to break out some freshest flavors from a warmer clime. Here's the 411 on a few of our best spring vape juice flavors, a couple old favorites and a couple new hits busting up the charts!

For all of our tasting today, we’ll be using two atomizers: the first is a Geekvape Tsunami RDA, loaded with Ninja Coils Staggered Fused Clapton prebuilt coils, and wicked with Ninja Wick Organic Japanese Cotton. The second is a Kanger ProTank 4, loaded with Kanger SSOCC Replacement Coils. Taken together, they cover the span of typical vapers, from your hardcore RDA enthusiast to your everyday tank user; our impressions will generally apply to both, but where there’s a sharp difference between the two, we’ll make note of that.

Cucumber Melon Mint, from Mister-E-Liquid
Cucumber Melon Mint vape juice

So fresh and clean! This flavor is unlike anything else I've ever vaped. It's more like smelling an expensive lotion than vaping a heavy custard e-liquid. The first rush is this crisp melon - you don't really taste the cucumber, it's just there keeping the melon from being too sweet. And then this mint comes in, sharp and clear, and whites out everything else, leaving your mouth clean for the next round. This vape juice flavor definitely works like a mouth-freshener, restarting your taste for the day!

Often people avoid stranger e-liquids, because they don't want to step outside their comfort zone, but you're really missing out if you don't at least give this cool new spring flavor a 10ml try!

Lemon Ice, from Mister-E-Liquid
Lemon Ice vape juice

It's interesting how e-juices that have been out there for years can see a sudden resurgence in popularity. Lemon Ice's hour has come 'round again, it seems, with several people bringing this flavor to my attention this week. What more perfect a time to try it out?

This is a different lemon, I can tell right away, from several other lemon e-liquids. It's more like a lemon, and less like lemonade e-liquid: it's sharp, clean, citrus, uncut with sweetness. That's what really hits you on first draw, particularly on the RDA, but then the menthol hits and it's like a cold wave. This e-liquid is crisp, all smooth volumes with sharp edges. It'd probably be a great breath freshener, but I think it's worth checking out as an all-day-vape!

Citrene, from Mister-E-Liquid
Mister-E-Liquid Citrene vape juice

Another new flavor that doesn't get as much love as it should, Citrene is a unique fruit vape juice. It opens with a wave of ripe apple, sweet and crisp, not unlike our Pure Michigan e-liquid, but it's undercut with a dark note of almond that really balances it out.

On the tank, there's just a hint of citrus in the aftertaste, but on the RDA, it was a rush. Whether the wattage or just the airflow, that citrus note really finishes off beautifully on the RDA, with more complexity and body throughout.

Paradigm, from Mister-E-Liquid
Mister-E-Liquid Paradigm vape juice

Paradigm bears a fresh look for the season. This unique blend of pear and vanilla cream is perfect for a warm spring night. Less an all-day and more a dessert, this pear e-liquid really takes fruit to the next level.

At first impression, Paradigm tastes like a pretty standard pear: ripe and luscious, and if that were an end of it, the flavor would be pleasant enough. But underneath is this current of vanilla cream, something sweet and rich, with a full body that puts me in mind of a caramelized pear ice cream dish, like Pears Foster, if there was such a thing. It's sweet and complex, with loads of deep flavor, and a perfect closer to a spring day.

Seasonal Vaping

Not everyone changes their e-juices with the season, or tries new things. It's easy to find that one all-day vape and just cloud it out, but over time, you'll lose the flavor of it, lose the joy of it. Springtime is a perfect season for renewal, for doing something new and different, trying new flavors and clearing out the taste of the old.

These new spring e-liquid flavors are four excellent starts, but Mister-E-Liquid has dozens of fresh fruit e-liquid flavors and dessert e-liquid flavors that could be the start of a new all-day vape for you. What matters is getting out there and trying something new, before the joy of vaping becomes just another day in the calendar: make vaping like springtime, something exciting to look forward to!

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