Reverb Performance E-Liquid: Now in 60ml Plastic Chubby-Style Bottles!

Reverb Performance E-Liquid: Now in 60ml Plastic Chubby-Style Bottles!

26th Jun 2017

Great news, everyone! The amazing flavors of Reverb High-Performance E-Liquid are now available in a more convenient, more economical size!

From the day of its release, Reverb has been Mister-E-Liquid's best-selling glass bottle line. Designed specifically for cloud comps and those who want maximum vapor output, of course Reverb was a natural fit for the glass dropper bottle. But these performance e-liquids soon found favor not just for their massive clouds, bro, but for their awesome and powerful flavors. People didn't just want Reverb by the drop, they wanted it by the torrent!

For you, then, loyal Reverb vaper, we have the solution: all six spectacular Reverb high-performance e-liquid flavors are now available in 60ml plastic chubby-style bottles! No more filling a 5ml tank with an eyedropper; just squeeze and pour like you would with any of your favorite Mister-E-Liquid flavors. It's still the same premium e-liquid, just in a more convenient and economical form. (Seriously, check out that pricing!)

We're not leaving the drippers behind, either: we know some people still want their e-liquid to steep in glass, so our 30ml dropper bottles are still available. What's more, we've very carefully chosen our chubby-style bottle to be perfect for dripping, just like our patented triangle bottle! So whether you want glass bottle e-liquid or plastic convenience, we've got you covered.

You wanted a cheaper, easier way to get your favorite Reverb flavors, and now it's here! Go forth, and vape something of yourselves!

WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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