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Lower Prices, Bigger Bottles: You Asked, We Listened!

Lower Prices, Bigger Bottles: You Asked, We Listened!

31st Jul 2017

30ml bottles with new lower prices! Lower Prices

The Deal

Since 2010, Mister-E-Liquid has prided itself on its customer service. That doesn't just mean excellent after-sale support, or producing the highest-quality e-liquid possible, it also means listening to our customers, and giving them what they want. Well, you asked, and we listened, and today we're incredibly proud to announce that we're offering bigger bottles, at lower prices than ever before!

Mister-E-Liquid has always stood for quality. Our pricing has always reflected that. But we also want to give you more for less, so we’ve taken care to make certain that you’ll be able to get the exact same high-quality e-liquid, at the lowest prices possible. Same high standards of production, same ISO-certified lab, same quality ingredients, but at a new everyday lower price, on virtually all of our lines - and yes, that includes our exceptional Mister-E-Liquid!

You wanted bigger bottles, too, and we’re elated to say you’re getting them! You've seen our award-winning Reverb released in 60ml chubby-style bottles, and we've seen how excited you were about them, so we're extending our 60ml chubby-style bottles to even more lines. The same amazing flavors, but in larger, easier-to-use bottles, at prices that will astound you.

The Prices

How much will these new prices astound? How about twice as much e-liquid for nearly the same price? Take Plex Ohm, for example: this amazing line of high-performance e-liquid was priced at $17.99 per 30ml, but now a 60ml bottle will be just a dollar more! That's right, $18.99 for a 60ml chubby-style bottle of Plex Ohm. And these other great lines get the same pricing: Bilo, Bennett's Old Fashioned, CMYK, Plex Ohm, Animal Rescue, and Diamond Drops will all be available at the amazing price of just $18.99 for 60ml.

Our Mister-E-Liquid line has always been priced competitively, but we’re dropping prices there, too! Our 65ml bottles are now $2 off. And not temporarily, not as some kind of special or deal: these are our new prices, across the board! You used to have to choose between the quality e-liquid you love, and saving a couple bucks with the other guys. You don’t have to choose anymore! The same high-quality Mister-E-Liquid you know and love, just with a new, lower price.

We don't want to jerk you around with sales on a few products you never use, or force you into hard-to-use, easy-to-forget coupon codes: we want to offer low prices for everyone and everything all the time. And just imagine the deals when they do go on sale, or you do have a coupon. 'Cause make no mistake, sales and coupons aren't going away!

New 60ml Bottles! Bigger Bottles!

The Bottles

You loved it when we offered Reverb high-performance dripping e-liquid in 60ml chubby-style bottles, and when you’re happy, we’re happy, so we’re thrilled to announce that Bilo and Bennett's Old Fashioned, CMYK and Plex Ohm, Animal Rescue and Diamond Drops are all now available in 60ml chubby-style bottles!

And what awesome chubby-style bottles they are! If you're tired of dripping into your tanks instead of pouring, we've got just the solution. These new specially-designed 60ml chubby-style bottles have just the right dripper end to allow for unrestricted pouring into any sized tank, while still holding the perfect seal for those who want to drip with them. They're the best of both worlds! We know not everyone is sub-ohm dripping on Ninja Coils, and we wanted a bottle that works for everyone: now we've found it.

E-liquid for cheap, that isn't "cheap e-liquid". High-quality e-liquid without astronomical prices. Easy-to-use bottles that let you switch from tank to dripper with ease. You wanted it, now you’ve got it: you asked, we listened!

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