Go Big or Go Home: 135ml Bottles are Back!

Go Big or Go Home: 135ml Bottles are Back!

10th Nov 2017

Bottles so big, you’d better back the truck up! You loved it when we released our 30ml glass lines in 60ml chubby-style bottles. When we raised the largest size of our Mister-E-Liquid bottles from 30ml to 65ml, there were celebrations in the street. We are genuinely concerned at how happy you’re all going to be when we tell you: 135ml bottles are back!

We really mean it: you better bring a truck: these 135ml vape juice bottles are HUGE.

That’s right, all your favorite Mister-E-Liquid flavors are now available in 135ml bottles. Yes, Pure Michigan. Yes, Jade Tiger. Yes, 135ml of amazing Mister-E’s Menthol, now available, online and at all Mister-E’s and BloNoSmoke locations! This is a seriously big bottle, folks: you’ve seen some companies release 100ml bottles, and even some with 120ml bottles, but we are not messing about: we’re putting every Mister-E-Liquid flavor in 135ml bottles.

Checkmate! The 65ml e-liquid bottle is no longer the size champion: long live the 135ml e-liquid bottle!

Maybe you’re wondering what the big deal is. I mean, bigger isn’t always better. What makes a 135ml bottle of vape juice so special? Well, it’s more economical, for starters: the bigger the bottle, the less you pay per milliliter! That’s economies of scale for you, in economist-speak. And remember, because we make all your Mister-E-Liquid to order, we’ve got the freshest e-liquid possible: maybe having a bigger bottle means some of that delicious Mister-E-Liquid vape juice can steep before you cloud it all out! Think about it: you can refill your 5ml tank twenty-seven times from just one bottle of vape juice.

Comparison between our 10ml, 30ml, 65ml, and new 135ml vape juice bottles!

Don’t wait: you want these bottles in your life. Just make sure to bring a wagon - and we don’t mean some kid’s wagon, we mean a Conestoga wagon, with a team of oxen at the fore. Bring your coal-rolling dually pickup, or a steam locomotive, or a Panamax tanker ship. These bottles are so big, you better bring your jumbo jet!

Anonymous stranger, struggling to get his new 135ml Jade Tiger to the car!
WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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