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Holiday Hours and Shipping Deadlines: Mister-E-Liquid.com and Mister-E's and BloNoSmoke Retail Locations

4th Dec 2019

With so much happening during the holidays, the last thing you want to worry about is running out of vape juice. We want to make sure that's not a problem for you, so we've gathered all our holiday re

Michigan's E-Liquid Flavor Ban - A Call to Action

4th Sep 2019

By the time you read this, many of you will already be aware of Governor Gretchen Whitmer's unprecedented ban on flavored e-liquid in the state of Michigan. For those who haven't, this article from th

Thank You, Veterans: Why We Offer A Veterans' Discount

5th Nov 2018

From our earliest days, Mister-E-Liquid has proudly supported America's veterans and active duty servicemen and -women. In addition to hiring veterans, and partnering with veteran-owned vape companies

Vaping Tariffs Increase Yet Again

16th Oct 2018

Here we are again. It seems like only yesterday - because it really was only six weeks ago - that we were talking about Tariffs, Trade Wars, and You, but here we are not two months later, with yet mor

Tariffs, Trade Wars, and Vaping: How This Matters to You

22nd Aug 2018

Tariffs. Maybe you're in the steel industry, and you've seen a lot of new hires come about because of them. Maybe you're in the automotive industry, and you've seen another round of layoffs come about

Why We Vape

4th Jan 2018

Everyone who vapes has a different reason for it, a different cause that led them to start vaping, a different benefit they derived from making the switch to vaping. "Why vape?" is such a difficult qu

Delaware H.B. 242: We Need Your Help

18th Dec 2017

Recently, the Delaware legislature enacted H.B. 242, a bill that applies significant legal requirements to the sale and distribution of vaping products, including the requirement of an adult signature

All About Temperature Control

13th Jul 2017

In the beginning, there was voltage mode, and it was good. Put a certain amount of battery voltage directly into a certain resistance, and e-liquid-soaked coils get hot, producing vapor: it was simple

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