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Mister-E-Liquid Planetary Series

It's spring again, and as we unlimber from nights too cold to be outside, it's the perfect time to start lying out under the stars, wondering what's out there. Long ago, Greek astronomers noticed that some of these lights moved faster than others, whirling across the sky not with the steady progression of the stars, but hastily, in different patterns, some of them even seeming to move backward across the sky from night to night. They called these wildly moving lights 'planḗtēs': The Wanderers.

As you do your own wandering this spring, you're not looking for heavy flavors, you're looking for e-liquid that reminds you of the time of year: fresh fruit e-liquids that taste of the season. We have just the e-liquids for you this spring - and all year 'round - in our Planetary Series.

For all of our tasting today, we’ll be using two atomizers: the first is a Geekvape Tsunami RDA, loaded with Ninja Coils Staggered Fused Clapton prebuilt coils, and wicked with Ninja Wick Organic Japanese Cotton. The second is a Kanger ProTank 4, loaded with Kanger SSOCC Replacement Coils. Taken together, they cover the span of typical vapers, from your hardcore RDA enthusiast to your everyday tank user; our impressions will generally apply to both, but where there’s a sharp difference between the two, we’ll make note of that. We'll also be listening to Gustav Holst's The Planets, if you'd like to listen along!

Pluto, from Mister-E-Liquid

There might be some debate about whether Pluto's really a planet these days, but there's no doubt this amazing melon e-liquid is worthy of its membership. On the ProTank 4, this flavor is smooth and light, starting off with a ripe melon flavor that reminds me most of honeydew, which slowly morphs into a sharper tang, which is great, because it doesn't leave you with an over-sweet aftertaste. It finishes clean and pure, with that crisp tartness closing off the flavor like a full stop at the end of a sentence.

On the RDA, on the other hand, this flavor really comes alive! The profile doesn't change - it's still sweet honeydew with a tart note at the end - but the complexity and balance are really brought out on these Ninja Coil Staggered Fused Claptons. All that surface area, and the very open draw on that Geekvape Tsunami, combine to produce a complexity I didn't get, even on Kanger's great SSOCC coils. Tuning the temperature really let me dial in the exact flavor profile I was looking for, making Pluto a superb choice on an RDA.

New Horizons has passed Pluto, and it'll be a long while before any humans get back out there. Show a little love to the dwarf planet with this amazing honeydew e-liquid!

Mister-E-Liquid Pluto Vape Juice
Mister-E-Liquid Saturn Vape Juice

Saturn, from Mister-E-Liquid

It's hard to imagine a better namesake for e-liquid than a planet known for its clouds and its rings! This fantastic all-day vape is one of our most popular, and from the first draw, it's easy to see why.

Saturn opens with a sweet grape, but it's not quite a candied grape: it's more like a white seedless, crisp and fresh. But that gives way to a foundation of mixed berry that stays with you. Again, the RDA brings out all kinds of detail in this e-liquid, but the ProTank brings it strong here. You can't quite pick out all the component flavors of that sweet mixed berry, but it's clear that it's more than just some generic fruit flavor.

More than anything, this spectacular grape e-liquid reminds me of a really fresh fruit salad, and its that very authenticity that makes it a perfect spring vape. It's not like popping a candy in your mouth, it's like eating fresh fruit. This incredible fruit e-liquid will have you blowing clouds and rings for days!

Venus, from Mister-E-Liquid

The actual planet of Venus isn't that pleasant a place to be, what with all the acid and pressure and heat, so this e-liquid makes me think more of the Goddess of Love than the scarred yellow landscape of its namesake, because this one's a flavor to fall in love with.

This fruit e-liquid really pops on both the tank and the RDA: on the inhale, it's a bright and crisp berry blend, airy but flavorful, but it follows up with a note of tartness that really closes up the flavor. It's like mixed berries with pineapple: there's a strong note of tropical fruit that follows up that wave of mixed berry.

A truly balanced berry e-liquid, Venus is neither too sweet nor too sour: it alternates between them like any good lover (and any great goddess). Given the option between the e-liquid and the planet, the choice couldn't be more clear.

Mister-E-Liquid Venus Vape Juice
Mister-E-Liquid Neptune Vape Juice

Neptune, from Mister-E-Liquid

We close out our (deeply out-of-order) planetary journey with Neptune, and that's mostly because I wanted to save my favorite for last, so I could leave it in my tank today! This berry e-liquid isn't just about fruit flavors, although it has plenty of those. This fruit e-liquid is more complex than that, with three amazing flavors all vying for your attention. Let's wet down the Ninja Wick and get this thing started!

The first flavor is overwhelmingly strawberry, and it's a genuine, mouth-watering strawberry like one picked fresh. It's sweet and juicy and amazingly genuine. That sweetness is then intercut with tart, ripe blueberry, and now I feel like my next stop's going to be at the Farmer's Market to see what's in season. This blueberry, seriously, it's amazing, real and tangy and complex.

But Neptune isn't done there, oh no. Like its namesake planet, it's got hidden depths, and below those clouds of luscious fruit is a solid foundation of full, rich vanilla. It's almost like strawberries and blueberries atop ice cream, but instead of weighing you down, this is light and complex and flavorful. The RDA doesn't change the flavor, but it surely brings out its complexities, sharpens its definitions, and really lets you dial in which flavors are dominant. Absolutely amazing, and this berry e-liquid is a wonderful final stop on our Planetary tour.

Clouds and Rings and Other Worlds Beyond Our Sky

So go out, lie down on your back beneath the night stars, and watch for these wanderers, these planḗtēs, and imagine worlds beyond our own. Just take your mod with you, and some of this amazing Planetary Series fruit and berry e-liquid. And a blanket, probably. Stay out late, blowing clouds and rings of your own, and dream of our next new horizon. Whatever planet you find yourself on, Mister-E-Liquid will be there.

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