Kanger Ni200 SSOCC Temperature Control Vape Coil

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Now there's a version of those sweet Kanger SSOCC vape coils made specifically for temperature-control applications! Think about it: the safety, coil life, and battery life benefits of temperature control (TC); the convenience of your Kanger Protank 4, or Kanger Subtank, or Kanger Toptank; and the same great flavor and vapor you know and love from the Kanger SSOCC (Stainless Steel Organic Cotton Coil) replacement coils.

These Kanger Ni200 SSOCC Temperature Control replacement coils feature a stainless steel coil housing, organic Japanese cotton wicking material, an Ni200 wire heating element, and a vertical coil orientation.

No more dry hits. Longer battery life. More consistent flavor and vapor. The convenience and reliability of Kanger tanks. It's everything you're looking for from vaping!

(And hey, if you're just getting started in temperature control vaping, and you'd like to get everything you'll need in one convenient and economical package, might I suggest the Kanger TOPBOX Mini TC-75 Starter Kit or the Kanger TOPBOX Nano TC Starter Kit? Both kits offer everything you need to get started...just add batteries and e-liquid!)


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