EHPro TOBH V2.5 Clone RDA

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They say you should never meet your heroes, because you'll always be disappointed, but the TOBH is the exception: it absolutely lives up to the fantasy. The EHPro TOBH V2.5 Clone RDA is a testament to art, design, and science, coming together to make one legendary atty.

Let's start at the bottom and work our way up: the copper 510 center pin provides excellent conductivity, and securely mates to the milled stainless steel deck. The negative side pins are milled directly into the deck, so they'll never detach or move on you during a build. All three posts stand above the walls of the deep well, and the center pin is elevated yet further: building on this deck is as easy as falling off a logging truck. No fewer than six airflow holes keep the EHPro TOBH V2.5 Clone RDA breathing, and a simple twist is all you need to go from idle to wide open throttle: this thing will have you chasing clouds like a stunt pilot.

Okay, brace yourself: it's about to get all scientific up in here. A few hundred years ago, a Swiss fellow named Bernoulli discovered that as you restrict the flow of a fluid - which is what air acts like, in your RDA - you increase its speed and decrease its pressure, which only makes sense: if you've got the same amount of air going by in the same period of time, the air would have to be going faster if it's got less room to move through. What, you've got to be asking, does this have to do with dripping? Well, just like you need a little science - Ohm's law - to calculate the resistance of your coils, a little science helps understand the airflow in your atty. The TOBH's top cap has a conical internal section, meaning it smoothly tapers in the shape of a cone, restricting the air flow smoothly, speeding it up and lowering its pressure, which means fewer areas of no airflow under the cap, and less turbulence where you're trying to draw air from. The result? Better flavor, smoother vapor production, and a silky-soft draw. Plus, any condensation runs back down the walls of the RDA, instead of hanging out on the roof of the top cap. They were really thinking the day they designed the TOBH, and it shows!

On the outside of that internally-tapered top cap, deep-cut heat sinks pull the heat away from your atty, and the included stainless steel 510 drip tip continues the theme with heat sinks of its own, keeping that heat out of your face, too. Taken as a whole, the TOBH v2.5 has a technical, industrial look that's sure to turn heads.

The EHPro TOBH V2.5 Clone RDA: the legend that lives up to your dreams!

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