EHPro Stillare Clone RDA

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Easy, powerful builds, with great airflow control! The EHPro Stillare Clone RDA is a great design for all your coil dreams.

The Stillare has excellent airflow, with dual slots in the airflow ring and the top cap offering full flexibility from wide open to tight shut, rather than sets of holes you've got to figure out how to line up for your needs: it's the grand-daddy of the "cyclops-style" airflow control. The gold-plated tri-post design is simple and easy, with large holes for your coil legs. The shallow deck sides make it easier to build without having to use tweezers or needle-nose pliers like you're building a ship in a bottle. 22mm diameter fits perfectly on all your 18650-sized mods!

Whether you're looking to chase clouds or just taste flavor, the EHPro Stillare Clone RDA is a superb choice!

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