WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Efest LUC V4 Elite 4-Bay Charger

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Keep vaping all night long! The Efest LUC V4 Elite 4-bay charger has enough bays to charge four vape batteries at the same time, and supports 2-amp fast charge. Copious protections are built-in, as well, for you and your batteries, making this a much better charging option than plugging your removable-battery mod directly in.

At A Glance
  • Charges 4 vape batteries at once!
  • 2 amp quick charging (when only charging on two slots)
  • "Elite" model adds newer, higher-resolution screen and additional protections
  • Li-ion/IMR:
  • 10440
  • 14500
  • 14650
  • 16340
  • 16650
  • 17650
  • 17670
  • 18350
  • 18490
  • 18500
  • 18650
  • 20700
  • 21700
  • 26650
  • 26500
  • NiMH / NiCd:
  • A
  • AA
  • AAA
  • SC
  • C
What's in the Box
  • (1) Efest Elite LUC V4 battery charger
  • (1) Wall adapter
  • (1) User manual
  • AC Input Power: AC 100-240 V 50/60 Hz
  • DC Input Power: DC 12V 2000 mA
  • Double USB Output Power: USB 5V 1000 mA
  • USB Output Floating Current: <5 mA
  • Automatic Cut-Off Voltage: 4.20 ± 0.05 V
  • CV Cut-Off Current: <10%
  • Standby Current: < 100 Ma
  • Activation Current: <100 Ma
  • Auto Recharge Voltage: 4.10V ± 0.1 V
  • Operation Temperature: 0 °C - 40 °C
  • Storage Temperature: -40 °C - 70 °C
Vaporesso NRG PE Tank, in black and silver

Vaporesso NRG PE Tank, in black, blue, and silver

Vape battery charging - the right way

Look, it's convenient to charge right in the mod, and if your mod has lots of protections built in, and supports balance charging, that's all good, but the fact of the matter is, the best way to charge your vape batteries is in a vape battery charger. Plain and simple. And you'll be hard-pressed to find a better vape battery charger than the new and improved Efest LUC V4 Elite.

What's new? Well, how about that screen. Much higher resolution, and a lot more information as well. They've improved the protections available, too, which now amount to - deep breath - 0V Activation Recovery Function, Reverse Polarity Protection, Short-Circuit Protection, Automatic Over-Charging Protection, Automatic Over-Discharge Protection, Hardware & Software Protection, Error Reporting Protection, and Energy Save Protection. Naturally, the charger is CE, EMC, LVD, FCC, and RoHS Certified. Yeah, better than just throwing your batteries in the mod to charge them, don't you think?

The LUC V4 Elite can charge four batteries at 0.5A or 1.0A, or two batteries at a full 2A charge rate. You'll get the kind of protection you expect from Efest, with over-discharge, over-voltage, short-circuit, and reverse polarity protection built in. It can even activate batteries whose charge has fallen below 0.6V. It'll automatically stop charging when your batteries are full, and will automatically start charging any battery that's reached less than 4.1V.

The springs are made of German piano-wire, and are smooth like butter; they provide correct tension for a broad array of compatible batteries - that insane list you scrolled past to get here. It includes USB-out, so you can charge USB mods from it - or your phone - and even can be used in power bank mode, letting you use your vape batteries to recharge USB devices!

MEL Zone:

Despite the wide array of protection options, we recommend you never leave batteries - of any kind! - charging unattended. And you should never, never, never use any kind of spacer to fit batteries the charger isn't compatible with: it can damage your batteries, and is extremely dangerous. Just don't do it: #vapesafe!

Vaporesso NRG PE Tank, disassembled

Vaporesso NRG PE Tank, disassembled

Warning: Use of this product with nicotine-containing liquid will expose you to nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Vaporesso Gen Nano Mod available now!

What if you could make the smartest mod on the market even easier? Vaporesso has just the box mod for you. Using the same brilliant Axon chip as their flagship GEN S, the Vaporesso GEN Nano keeps all the brains of the big mod, but switches to a built-in 2000 mAh battery for smaller size and easier charging.

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