Carbon Method Manifold Straight-Cut Drip Tip

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Introducing the Manifold, from the GT Series of drip tips by Carbon Method! Today's vaping hardware is more powerful - and hotter - than ever, so it's important to keep that heat away from your mouth. The Manifold is a 510 drip tip that incorporates a Delrin isolator at the base keeping the heat away from your lips, and a 316 stainless steel mouthpiece for better lip-feel. 316 stainless steel is the same stuff they use in medical instruments and oceangoing ships, so you know it resists corrosion. The double o-ring design yields a tight fit that will not rock or wiggle. The wide-mouth opening allows for a large dripping hole to maximize dripability.

  • Manufactured from heat-resistant Delrin and 316 stainless steel
  • Double o-ring design for a tight fit
  • Wide mouth is perfect for dripping atomizers and tank atomizers
  • Compatible with most 510-style atomizers and tanks

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