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These BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil) vape coils from Aspire are perfect for that Nautilus AIO, Nautilus, Nautilus Mini, or Triton Mini - and even in your Billet Box! Available in either regular BVC 1.8 ohm or BVC NS 1.8 ohm for nicotine salts, this coil is compatible with a broad array of devices, and perfectly matched to your Nautilus-series or Triton Mini tank.


Prices above are for single coil, not a five pack.

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While the BVC NS coil is meant for nicotine salts vape juice like Salt Drops, it works great for regular vape juice, too! In fact, it's better for high-VG e-liquid than the regular BVC coil is, in addition to being a great choice for nic salts e-liquid!

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    Posted by Stephanie on 31st Jul 2019

    This coil lasted me longer than my last one and I will be buying it again!

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    1.8 ohm Aspire Nautilus Bottom Vertical Coil (BVC) is Great!

    Posted by William Bryson on 15th Feb 2019

    They make a sub-ohm coil as well, but I go for the true mouth to throat cigarette smoking/inhaling experience, and with the right liquid I've managed to sometimes get a month out of a single coil before it's too clogged to use anymore. Typically they last for about 2 weeks. I've been sticking with Mr E-liquids fine line of tobacco liquids. I'm on a Varadero kick right now. Best juice ever! by the way. I use the original Aspire nautilus tank at 14 watts with 30% VG 70% PG liquids. These coils are for rated for 10 to 14 watts.

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    Great coils

    Posted by MSK on 16th Apr 2016

    I find my sweet spot for these are 14w, 5.4v. They last about 21days average dependant on juice ingredients and VG%.
    Hint: Replace coil when resistance reaches 2.2 ohms. Tank/coil will start leak shortly after.

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    These coils work Excellent!! Mouth to lung gives awesome throat hit!

    Posted by Jeremiah on 17th Jun 2015

    First of all you have to let the e liquid absorb for a couple hours. At least. Even if you squirt some directly into the coil(priming). I fried about two coils before I discovered that it takes quite a while to completely absorb. In my case I found that at least four hours of absorption was necessary to keep from prematurely frying the coil. And even after I felt that enough time passed I started with my ego battery at 3.0v. Before too long you can tell usually by sound that the coil is saturated but not flooded and you can turn up the voltage some, like to 3.7v. When the Nautilus is producing nice vapor then I hook it up to my Vamo V5. I run it with TWO 18350's at 4.5watts with 3.7-4.1v and it vapes like a dream. I tried the sub ohm vaping before doing my research. If you like mouth to lung with killer throat hits then stick with the Nautilus. I didn't know that sub ohm vaping is straight lung inhale with no throat hit. I tried the Atlantis and the kanger sub ohm and they work great IF you're into straight lung inhale. If you try to vape mouth to lung with sub ohm tanks you will be disappointed. I was.
    Here's a great tip..Find yourself a small container to put your new coil in. Submerge it in e liquid. Now when the coil you're using goes bad you just take the new one out of the e liquid let excess drip off into container it's in then grab a paper towel, bunch it up, put your coil in the middle and gently blow out excess e liquid and you're good to go no waiting 4-5 hours to start vaping again.

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    Nice coils

    Posted by Ed. on 20th Feb 2015

    Nice coils, work fine,good price.

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