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What is a Cartomizer?

What is a Cartomizer?

There are many ways to use a PV or e-cigarette.  Many e-cigs are called “3 piece” units, consisting of the battery, atomizer, and cartridge.  Most new users start out with this type of set up.  The cartridge/atomizer combination can work well for many people, but some start to find it bothersome to frequently refill the cartridge with e-liquid.  There is an answer to this situation, and it is called the cartomizer ("carto" for short).  A cartomizer is a device consisting of an atomizer and cartridge all in one piece that connects to the battery.  Cartomizers allow for a greater length of time between e-liquid refills, and they are especially nice if you are going to be driving, going out for a period of time, or just don’t want to fiddle with cartridges.  There are many types and brands of cartomizers.  Some have polyfill that can hold up to 30 drops of e-liquid, while others have a “tank” that is filled using a tiny needle and syringe.  The type with a “tank” is called a ceramic cartomizer.  Many feel the ceramic cartomizers are better because they do not contain polyfill.  This decreases the risk of bacteria growth, especially if they are refilled.  Cartomizers are sometimes advertised as disposable devices, and they are indeed lower in cost than an atomizer/cartridge combo.  It is possible to refill a cartomizer many times.  Some vapers have reported filling cartomizers over twenty times.  There is no difference in the taste or flavor of the e-liquid when used in a cartomizer.   Cartomizers can be cleaned as well.  Just like cartridges, there are many different methods of cleaning.  The cleaning of cartomizers will be discussed in another article.  Cartomizers can be advantageous in several ways, and they provide the vaper with another choice for their vaping arsenal.