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The Beast Box VV


Product Description




The Beast Box is a brand new addition to our Detonator line of personal vaporizers.  The Beast Box is a variable voltage Box Mod made custom for you after you order.  This fully customizable box mod delivers big hits, lots of vapor and incredible battery life.  No longer worry about juice getting all over your hands, the Drip Catch cup catches loose juice and reuses the juice as you continue to hit the Detonator, or choose no catch cup for tank and drip shield set ups.  Just choose your box color, the color of your button, and the color of your LED and customize your Beast. If you haven't tried a Variable Voltage device, they will really change your perspective on PV's.  With the fully regulated Beast Box you will no longer have to worry about getting that perfect hit, just turn up the voltage and you will get MONSTER HITS Every Time!   The advantages of Variable Voltage are more flavor, more vapor, consistency and more throat hit.  Variable Voltage is the way to go, and The Beast Box will keep you vaping for a very long time using 2 IMR 26500 3000mah batteries.  You may want to pick up a voltage indicator so that you can accurately adjust your voltage (will require a 510 extender if using with a drip cup).

This Beast Box VV Info:

- Variable voltage chip manufactured in the USA (most competitors are using Chinese manufactured chips which experience short life)

- Potentiometer manufactured in Japan (most competitors are using Chinese manufactured pots which experience short life with inconsistent results)

- Continuous Short Circuit Protection

- Overcurrent Protection

- Overload Protection

- Overheat protection

- 6 amp limit (safe for dual coil cartomizers)

- 2 26500 3000mah batteries required

- WF-188 battery charger required

- Variable Voltage from 2.9V - approx. 7.0V and up to 5.4V Under Load (Potentiometers are mass produced, voltage range may vary)

- 510 Connection 

- Drip Cup (if you use carto tanks ask for your box with no drip cup.  Drip cup will work with some drip shields)

- On/Off Master Switch

- Super Clicky Tactile Activation Switch (rated for 1 Million presses)

- LED mounted outside the Beast Box, for a very bright, find your way in the dark, type of light. (or select no LED for super stealthy)

     -Black Light Now Available!

- Self Leveling Epoxy sealing the Circuitry, leaving a sleek polished finish. (Not cheap, messy looking hot glue like many of our competitors, no liquid will touch the circuitry)

- The Beast Box VV is safe to use 1.5 ohm (low resistance atomizers/cartomizer)


- There will be a 3-7 day Lead Time with these units.

- Other items in your order might ship separately from these units, due to the lead time.


How to Use the Beast Box VV: 

Variable voltage might be new to you but don't worry it is very easy to use.  To turn the voltage down, turn the voltage wheel to the left.  To turn the voltage up, turn the voltage to the right.  (No screw driver is needed, the dial turns easily with your fingers)  When you first start using your Beast Box VV turn the voltage dial counter clockwise to the left and take a hit.  Then, you can turn the voltage dial to the right in small increments (increasing the voltage and power), keep adjusting the dial clockwise until you are getting the desired hit.  If you turn it up too much, you will start to get a burn taste. If that happens, turn the voltage down.  This is called adjusting to taste.  We like to turn up until we taste a burn and then turn down just a little for the perfect hit! 


How to Use the Beast Back Cover (Battery Door):

The Beast Back Cover has 3 total tabs: 2 on the bottom (facing down), and 1 on the top (facing inward toward the Beast). These tabs are fragile, and will snap off if not used properly. The back cover slides up and down on a track. When sliding up and down on the track, the bottom 2 tabs snap into the 2 slots on the bottom. The top inward tab is for support, and should fit flush with the top slot when sliding the back cover down. Once the back cover is snapped into place with 2 x 26500 batteries, push down on the bottom middle of the back cover (with 4 ridges) and slide the back cover up. The back cover will push against the batteries, causing tightness between the back cover and the batteries. Once the door is pushed inward, the 2 bottom tabs will snap out of place, allowing you to slide the back cover up.





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Product Reviews

  1. Great for the price. Make a beast koozie and I would be even happier.

    Posted by Chris on 11th Mar 2014

    I love this mod. I have a duke. My beast vapes as consistent as the duke. The back attachment that holds the battery in had a clip the broke after the second day. I expected that after what I have read about them. I didn't request a new one because it seems to work better without it. When I bought it my plan was to pop both clips off and use Velcro or magnets. No biggy though. I spent 100 bucks on this including the batteries and charger. I don't expect it to be as durable as a 300$ mech. I am very happy with the beast. I charge a set of batteries at the end of the day. I have not had this thing go dead 1 time since I received it and I chain vape. I read that the light was very bright so I chose the black light. It is perfect. Never distracting to you or others. I use a kayfun 3.1 on it. I have a 26 guage micro coil that is bigger od than normal coils and it makes it pop faster than my sub ohm builds on my mech mods. On off switch works good but when in the 3rd position( light mode) it does nothing. I don't think it was intended to though. I like the fact I can turn it on and off. Very cool feature. I can say that if there is a negative, it would be that it isn't a super durable box. I dint think it's meant to be thrown in your pocket where it gets pressure from different angles. I carried it in my coat pocket and that is as far as I would risk breaking it. It would be cool if they made a slip on coat that was basically a beast koozie to make it more durable. That would make this over the top cool. I am perfectly happy with my beast.

  2. almost

    Posted by josh on 24th Feb 2014

    Ive had my beast box for 3 days now, it hits well and get very good battery life (still on first charge) but the first day it wouldn't fire anything I put on it then bang it started working * weird* now the box is falling apart. Will never pay 60$ for plastic ever again. Buy something else. MEL little plastic tabs come on its designed to break

  3. One of the best mods i've ever had

    Posted by chrono on 15th Jan 2014

    I love this box mod. You can adjust your heat perfectly just remember to do it in small steps.
    I use it with a Kanger Protank 3 and the dual coil is very good with all my juices.

  4. Holy S**T

    Posted by Jeffrey Moorman on 17th Dec 2013

    Ok. Lemme just put an end all review to this Beast! This thing has surelyyyy earned its name and anything and everything you throw at it, it handles it with ease. The POWER on this mod is UNIMAGINEABLE!!! I'm currectly running a dual coil 3ohm on it right now and plan on dropping down to 2ohm when I'm finished with these. I simply am dissapointed with myself that I wasted so much money on all of these other mods I've purchased before this. Cause lemme tell ya.. THIS THING IS KING! I run Vape~R~Vapez E-Juice company and have tried A LOT of different mods. But I tell you the truth.. this.. thing.. this BEAST!.. beats them ALL! Shop no further for behold THIS.. is as good as it gets! It even blows the Provari out the water! There just isn't any competetion! It's built well, the service from these guys here are TOP NOTCH! Any questions I had asked them, were answered promptly and accuratly. These guys wanted to be the masters of their craft and they beyond Aced it! The vape clouds I get from this Beast are immense! Not to mention that myself and everyone I have let try it have commented on the flavor! I dunno how they did it but this thing produces flavor like NO OTHER! Words escape me on just how awesome this thing is! They are even kind enough to include some freebies in the shipment, which is always appreciated! But again. If you are even THINKING of passing this up for another mod than let me be the first to tell you that for one.. you're an idiot, for two.. listen dude.. this IS IT! There is NOTHING and I really really mean NOTHINGGGG.. that can even come close to this thing! Buy it now! This is Jeff from Vape~R~Vapez signing off saying.. buy the d**n thing already! Or be left in the dust!

  5. Holy smoke!? I mean vapor!

    Posted by Chris H on 25th Sep 2013

    Just got two beast boxes today. It's a simple plastic no frills box with some expoxy covering the chip and a dial. But man does this thing pack a punch. I don't have a 510 voltage meter so I used my multimeter to test the first box out, which is the one I'm using for now.

    Mine is firing at 6.8 volts flat with nothing attached, and I tested the IMR 26500s and they both read 3.7 volts each. Not quite the 8.4 I was expecting but No biggie. I built a microcoil on a kanger protank 2 with organic cotton wick and measuring around 1.8-2.0 ohms. I fired this bad boy up at 5 volts and almost blew a hole in my chest and quickly turned my room into John Carpenters "The Fog". Heck, I think I even saw an evil pirate or two walking about,and this was with a 100% VG mix. I can't say for certain what the voltage under load was or if an amp limitation kicked in but I don't care, this thing outperformed my provari with the same coil and tank and same voltage setting.

    Do yourself a favor and get one of these boxes, they perform beastly!

  6. This is awesome

    Posted by Mike on 21st Sep 2013

    So basically, here it is folks, the best ecig you can buy. now, it is kinda expensive but i promise, it's worth it, great hit, the dial is awesome, you will need a tank set up if you want a good vape. watch grimmgreen's review on youtube, he puts it best.

  7. the beast box, the best box!!!!

    Posted by sam bazdar on 8th Sep 2013

    received my beast box about a week ago and it is by far the best mod I own,
    it works great with every tank/carto I put on it.

    The power of this mod is incredible and produces tons of vapour.

    also like to mention that the customer device is fantastic.

    Thanks mister e liquid


    Posted by Cara McGowan on 22nd Jul 2013

    Well I just got this today and I must say WOW! It is amazing, it is easy to adjust the voltage however I tend to stay right around 4-4.5 volts the tanks I have really can not handle much more without creating a burnt taste. I may try some different ohm tanks but for now I will use what I have. I do like using the LR carto tanks on it really puts out clouds. It is a little on the big side but not unmanageable. I also have the vv detonator as well but I am sure I will like the longer battery life the beast gives me. The customer service here rocks as well they go above and beyond cause I was misinformed that the current chargers I have would work with these batteries only to find out that after I placed my order they would not, the customer service fixed my error and added the charger anywhere else would not have been that helpful. I highly recommend Mister E Liquid for their mods, tanks and fabulous e liquid and fantastic customer service. They have a customer for life in me. The only down side is my provari has not been out of its box for a while now. Oh well the beast is the S**T for sure. Love it do not hesitate on this one it is a fabulous mod. Do yourself a favor though and pickup a voltage meter cause adjusting to taste can leave you with a bad taste in your mouth.

  9. follow up review

    Posted by Daniel13 on 24th Apr 2013

    this thing is impressing me more and more, right now i have a mini DID on it, 1.7 ohms and running it at 6.5 volts, and it will still give me more power for when my wick breaks in!! i was gonna get a mech mod for my DIDs but after i got the bright idea to put one on this, there is no need, this performs like a provari and a mech built into one unit. for at home there is nothing better but when i'm out and about i'll still be taking my provari with me.

  10. My first box mod

    Posted by Kenneth Dovich A.K.A Kdovaper69 on VapeTv. on 23rd Mar 2013

    I love this Beast VV, it has all the power I need and easy to adjust voltage, I think it works well to dial in volts to tasted. This is a win to me. The battery life is crazy I charged it up and still going on day 3 but it is personal use preference.

  11. Fistfull of right-on :)

    Posted by Manimal on 19th Mar 2013

    I have to say I am very disappointed...that I waited so long! Also disappointed I can't "sneak" a hit around the house anymore with the huge clouds I make now!

    I am a former non-filter chain-smoker. The girlfriend demanded I quit and the ego battery and clearomizer helped me survive...but now I will thrive with a proper power source :) I even think I enjoy it more than the analogue equivalent. It never runs out! The dual coil experience is great and now I have the power to explore even more options.

    I can be an indecisive pain when ordering but the guys here are awesome and helped me make some great choices when ordering. They even sent me some extra goodies along with my order that are fantastic. I will definitely try to find whatever I need here first in the future and recommend them to the guys at work that are now very interested in my "new toy".

    I haven't worn out the batteries (get button top or spacers for flat-top) yet but its only been four days so we will see...Maybe they should include jumper cables in case my motorcycle battery dies!

    This is a simple box mod but has the main features I wanted-battery life and POWER! On that note I do recommend getting the screw-on voltage indicator since it is the same price as the multimeter I ended up getting. The dial is pretty sensitive and the burnt taste backed by 6000maH while "adjusting to taste" is nastily intense.

    AMERICA! Buy American whenever possible!

    Love it and Mister-E-Liquid.com :)

  12. Yow!

    Posted by gord on 10th Mar 2013

    I picked up a Beast Box a few weeks ago. It's my first and only mod, so I have no way to compare it to another. I opted for the unlit button and no drip cup, since I mainly just use tanks. It's well built, and thoughtfully designed. For example, if a tank I'm using were to fail and leak for some reason, it appears that any leakage would drain away from everything important, like the kill switch, the fire button, the seam at the battery cover, and the vent hole, and then just drip onto the base of my thumb. Nice.

    It took me less than 12 hours to break the tab on the button side of the battery cover. Entirely my fault, and NOT a design issue. Then again, one of the numerous MEL wristbands they've included in my orders unasked for fits vertically on this thing on the edge by the fire button just perfectly, and even acts as a shock absorber if you happen to drop this Beast. I split one of them down the middle, and put one half on each edge. I need that, because I throw it in my cargo pocket, and work around heavy machinery. It gets banged around a lot. No problems.

    The first night I had this, I literally stayed up all night and threw everything I had at it. The _only_ problem I had was when I forgot to lower the voltage to the minimum and then upping to taste when switching from a 3 ohm dual to a 1.7 ohm single. Oops. Otherwise, just perfect.

    The batteries last me about 4-5 days between recharges. I bought a bunch of buttonless batteries, and used the wire cutters on a pair of vice grips to clip off two ~1 inch pieces of the stainless spring steel off of the tweezers that come with every Swiss Army knife. So, I take those two pieces of stainless spring steel (about 1+ inch x 1/8 inch x maybe 20 mils -- hint, hint...), and slip them into the case across the spots where the buttons on batterys with buttons would make contact, and now _either_ type of battery will work in there. :) Sweet.


  13. it really is a beast

    Posted by Daniel13 on 16th Feb 2013

    i've been using this (at home only) for a few months now. the batteries will last me a full month and still be at about 3.5 volts. i love how accurate this thing is too, i set it at 4.5 volts so it hits at 4.40 volts every single time no matter what. it is plastic so i wouldn't recommend dropping it but for at home it's the best vape imaginable

  14. Holy S**t

    Posted by Derek'' Nuvaper''Newsome on 14th Nov 2012

    I got the Beast mod on Halloween.... I have charged it twice since then... This is my first mod... I went from a twist to the Beast and I love this mod... I use a Phoenix style atomizer and a car to tank also on it and it puts out plenty of vapor.... DAN AND DAVE you have outdone yourselves.... Keep up the good work... And as always Vape on... And support vaping....

  15. Good quality MOD with awesome performance

    Posted by Robert on 5th Nov 2012

    Great battery life (I'm heavy vaper, and I get almost 3 days)With GREAT vapor production and flavor. I wish it had a wheel or something of that nature, as I don't always have a screwdriver to adjust voltage, but, otherwise, an incredible mod with an unbelievable price! The only problem I've had is that the battery compartment is a bit shallow, which makes removal of the door somewhat of a problem. AWESOME!

  16. The Beast is a quality Mod!

    Posted by Pony on 28th Oct 2012

    I have been using this mod or two weeks now and I am thoroughly impressed! This device hits like a locomotive. Very easy use just turn the voltage regulator to your desired taste and your all set. The battery life is amazing I can get 4 to 5 days of heavy use before I have to charge the batteries. The construction quality is superb I have put this device through many abusive test and it has passed everyone with flying colors literally flying. For the price along with all of the built in safety features you will not be sorry.

  17. The BEAST is the best!

    Posted by Jeremy Dollar on 9th Oct 2012

    10 Days of vaping for me. I have owned this mod for a month and I have charged it twice. At first I was bothered at the fact it didn't have a voltage read out but I have grown to appreciate the 'dial to taste' aspect of the mod. It's very easy to use, no numbers to crunch, turn the dial till it tastes good to you and leave it. Mister E comes up with quality products and the Beast is no different! I give a very big thumbs up to this mod! Well done MEL!

  18. Great mod, great battery life.

    Posted by thewhitefang on 4th Oct 2012

    This mod is awesome, the battery life is far beyond what you can get out of 14500s. Makes tons of vapor, loads of flavor, its easy to use. It would be nice to be able to tell what voltage you are at when adjusting, but I use a volt meter and adjust it at home. I also have the 5v Detonator which I like alot, so after experimenting I ended up setting the beast to 5 volts with a smoketek dual coil 1.5 ohm cartotank, and an atomizer (cant remember the ohm rating). Ive tried other mods, and recently tried a lavatube (friends), aside from not knowing what voltage you set the beast at, it works much better.

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