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Pluto makes a planetary comeback with this juicy Mister-E-Liquid original. The smooth honeydew melon flavor with a hint of tangy sweetness round out this liquid. It would be an amazing all day vape, and is especially good in a rebuildable dripping atomizer! This liquid is a must try!

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 Product Reviews

  1. One of my favorite!

    Posted by Tina on 9th May 2016

    Love this liquid! The flavor is perfect! The melon flavor is not overpowering which I love. Dime piece used to be my favorite but Pluto has now taken that spot.

  2. Here's what i think

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Apr 2016

    Pluto has a good flavor, even though i feel like it is a knock off of space jam pluto, but its packed full of berry flavors with a strong throat hit, which will certainly tickle your balls!

  3. WOW!

    Posted by Trisha Parmenter on 1st Mar 2016

    After two years and trying many, many flavors of juice, this is by far my all time favorite! The melon is perfect. Love it!

  4. Best ever juice

    Posted by Casey on 20th Feb 2016

    Best and only every liquid I've used from the day I stopped smoking which has now been 3 years. Thanks mister e liquid!

  5. one of my favorite vapes

    Posted by Jimmy on 15th Feb 2016

    Very fresh and satisfying vape. Inhale is a fresh sweet mellow honeydew melon.The the exhale is very tangy. This is worth trying if your into melon. Recomend using in a rta or rba setup for max flavor.

  6. pluto out of this world melon

    Posted by Jimmy lee fleming on 14th Feb 2016

    Very good vape. Very mellow and tangy. The Inhale is full of flavor of a nice fresh honeydew melon.The exhale is nice and smooth with some tangy notes.I highly recomended this flavor. Especially ina rta or rba device because of their ability to bring out flavors.

  7. Best flavor ever!

    Posted by Andrew Jackson on 8th Jan 2016

    I absolutely love this flavor! It has the perfect fruit flavor that leaves a nice smell in the vapor. So far it is the only flavor I have never gotten "vapor's tounge" from. It is my everyday juice.

  8. Far Out

    Posted by Vapomite on 12th Dec 2015

    This flavor is far out. Nice full flavor, and the usual Mister-E throat hit. Like all the Mister-E I've tried, I can put hundreds of milliliters of through a coil and it doesn't ever muddy what's in the tank. The flavor's as mysterious as Blue Voodoo. You might not try it if I were to describe it, but if I were to try to come up with a name I'd call it Cantelope Bubblegun. Don't let that put you off, it is great. This and Blue Voodoo are my staples. This is a little sweeter, and a little more noticeable to bystanders, if you're worried about being incognito.

  9. Excellent!!!

    Posted by J2dn on 26th Nov 2015

    Excellent juice great smooth refreshing taste!! Definitely a ADV!!!

  10. Best I've ever had.

    Posted by Josh on 20th Nov 2015

    My feelings don't differr at all from the headline. This juice is perfect for anytime; with subtle sweetness and smooth flavor, Pluto is by far my favorite ejuice ever.

  11. Good flavor damaged bottle upon delivery

    Posted by Alex on 14th Nov 2015

    Has a good flavor. Bottle was damaged and had leaked a quarter of the bottle out in package

  12. Very interesting ...

    Posted by LazyWench on 4th Jul 2015

    Good summertime vape -- it's light and good for when you're out at the beach (maybe the salt air complements it?) It's unusual, though. I'm tasting both honeydew and cucumber. Nice and refreshing, and it really grows on you the longer you vape it.

  13. Best true honeydew flavor

    Posted by Robbie on 24th Feb 2015

    If you like the refreshing taste of melon, particularly honeydew, then this is the best I've been able to find. The flavor is intense, but in a way that also makes it a great all day vape. Flavor doesn't fade over time, either. I tried multiple brands over the summer looking for that perfect summertime honeydew flavor, but when I found Pluto, I found myself vaping it year round. It's one that I just can't put down for long, no matter what the season.

  14. Great & unique flavor, but not my cup of tea

    Posted by Chasen on 7th Feb 2015

    I really love more fruity, sweet flavors of e-liquid (although not all fruits), so I didn't really care much for this one. This would be great if you didn't want a fruity flavor but still wanted something sweet, but it's just not for me. It's definitely well rounded and unique though, and these flavors really blend well to create their own flavor.

  15. If you had to live with only one flavor: pick Pluto.

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Feb 2015

    A friend introduced me to this flavor by MEL a year ago... I have kept a steady order of it ever since. This is my go to choice. I absolutely love it. Almost everyone who has tried it said that it tastes like pop rocks. There are other "pluto" flavors out there but those cannot compete with the one by Mister-E.

  16. Can you say EPIC

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Feb 2015

    EPIC! This is right now my FAVORITE. I made sure to steep 7 days. Color change in liquid happened after day 5 steeping. Great flavor! Great exhale! All around amazing. This will be my ADV for a long time.

  17. Super sweet

    Posted by Rebecca on 19th Jan 2015

    Sweet and smooth

  18. Super melon

    Posted by Chris on 15th Jan 2015

    Man, the melon REALLY hits hard with this one. It's definitely loud, proud, and in your face. It tastes more like cantaloupe than honeydew to me, but they're pretty much the same melon in different colors, so it makes no difference.

    Strangely, the more I vaped it, the more I picked up a butter finish to it. It was pretty faint at first, but it got stronger the more I vaped. Not unpleasant, but a little weird when your mouth is on fire with that huge melon flavor.

    I've picked up a couple 30ml bottles, regardless (and will order more when I'm out). I definitely like it, but I have to take a break occasionally to prevent that buttery flavor from creeping up on me. My taste buds are really weird though, so your mileage may vary.


    Posted by bonnie flynn on 18th Dec 2014


  20. Pluto

    Posted by Richard on 15th Nov 2014

    Pluto is my favorite vape I have never found another like it I vape it all day at work and home a must try for anyone who hasn't tried it!!!!!!

  21. My all time favorite

    Posted by Aaron on 28th Oct 2014

    I am addicted to this juice, I buy from a local dealer for about what the site sells for and have turned a few people onto this juice. Everyone one around me loves the smell and always thinks it's cotton candy.

  22. It's just okay

    Posted by Keith on 19th Oct 2014

    This flavor has an orangy taste to it. Unfortunately it doesn't taste like a real orange it tastes like artificial orange flavoring. Its not bad for awhile but after a bit it starts to become very cloying and over the top. I will use the rest of the bottle but probably in short, half tank fulls, so it doesn't get annoying.

  23. Great Service

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Aug 2014

    Good clean fresh flavor price is way better than b&m super fast shipping

  24. tastey

    Posted by rick on 29th Aug 2014

    a very close second to blue voodoo another great vape!!!

  25. Honeydew what else can I say

    Posted by Kris on 15th Aug 2014

    Pluto, is a mouth water melon flavor that goes great on summer evenings.

  26. My favorite!!!

    Posted by Kathi Stultz on 3rd Aug 2014

    The Pluto has become my favorite vape. The taste is like biting into a juicy honeydew melon. I could smoke this vape all day, every day.

  27. Very nice sweet flovor

    Posted by Kathy on 23rd Jul 2014

    Wonderful taste. I recommend for those who enjoy a bit of sweet without the too much fruity taste. I swap from Pluto to my favorite Berry A'Peeling.

  28. Good stuff

    Posted by Tom getz on 23rd Jun 2014

    Ive had pluto many times out of my igo-w3 rda and the flavor is there its an all around mellow taste that in my opinion dosent require steeping good job M.E.L good s**t

  29. Mister e liquid is the best

    Posted by Jamie brewer on 10th Jun 2014

    If u like melon vapes this is for u!!!


    Posted by Nick on 3rd Jun 2014

    This flavor is probably my favorite from mr e. I haven't seemed to get sick of it yet. When I gat some cash I'm gonna get 120ml.

  31. Real good

    Posted by Jamie brewer on 2nd Jun 2014

    I get more melon in flavor then grape. Not the candy grape. But this review is right out of the mail box! Good fruit vape

  32. Great

    Posted by Brian on 10th May 2014

    Great right out of the mailbox

  33. Timid

    Posted by Baylock on 10th Apr 2014

    This is the second Mr-e-liquid I tried (There are 6 other bottles remaining to be tested).
    After 14 days of steep, it is ok but I feel like I have a bottle with 1/4 of liquid mixed with 3/4 of water.
    The taste is there but so diluted, far away. It is frustrating.
    I have the same feeling with Blue Voodoo.
    I read on other forums people telling exactly the same.
    So I have nothing to say about the taste except that it is way to timid and remote. It's so frustrating because when the liquids arrived at home, there was such a smell coming from the bottles that I was so eager to try them expecting a strong taste out of them.
    I'm sorry to say so as these are surely quality products but, in my taste, they are to shy.

  34. I rate everything 4 stars

    Posted by desk on 6th Apr 2014

    50/50 12mg. It's good, but not as good as the first time I tried it. 12 mg provides quite the throat hit with this flavor. Granted the first time I tried this a coworker had it and it was 6mg, so I ordered this again at 6mg. It is a good flavor the product description does it justice. Will post another review when I get the six. I've been steady vaping for almost a year and am no longer chasing throat hit just clouds of flavor. So if you still need t/h 12mg is great option.

  35. Fantastic!

    Posted by Samantha Mead on 27th Mar 2014

    This is by far the best flavor I have tried. It's always consistent in taste. The honeydew melon is amazing. It tastes wonderful whether you let it steep or not. If you want a sweet, mellow taste, then this is the right choice.

  36. This is a STEEPER>

    Posted by jom on 24th Mar 2014

    Make sure it "steeps" for at least 10-14 days. It doesn't taste good until then. After that it's a nice sweet melon-y flavor. Before that it just tastes chemically.

  37. Amazing!

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Mar 2014

    Pluto is out of this world! (pun intended)
    One of my favourite juices I've tried. Will definitely be ordering more of this in the future.

  38. Great taste

    Posted by Tina on 21st Mar 2014

    Great taste with a nice full draw and great to mix or just have it by it's self.

  39. YUM!

    Posted by Paulette on 19th Mar 2014

    This stuff is the greatest. Could be an all-day vape if I had any more of it left!

  40. Honeydew you love me?

    Posted by Doogie on 18th Mar 2014

    Such a light, sweet Honeydew melon flavor, without the Tobacco-vanilla flavor that predominates a lot of other flavors.
    All-day vape, 12N/33%, higher nic levels seem to ruin it

  41. Good At First

    Posted by Joyce Myers on 13th Mar 2014

    After I steeped this for a week and tried it, it was really good. But then after a few more days, it started tasting more like pepper and less like honeydew. Now it's like vaping a pepper shaker. It's a shame because honeydew melon is one of my all time foods.

  42. Good melon vape

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Mar 2014

    This was a delicious blend, i have really been enjoying it. It has given me consistent flavor over the time I have been using it.

  43. deliciously fruity

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Feb 2014

    This flavor is one of my favorites. It has a delightful taste of sweet fruit flavored lollipops. Love this flavor!!!


    Posted by Aaron on 17th Feb 2014

    The absolute best vape I have tried. I have tried pretty much every Apollo flavor along with most of Mister E's flavors.

    A very sweet honeydew melon flavor with tons of clouds and a perfect finish. I cant say enough about this flavor. Its pretty much all I vape now... 12mg 33% VG.

  45. should have gotten full size

    Posted by sherry jacobs on 16th Feb 2014

    Got this in sample pack. It is one of the most refreshing flavors ever! The melon in it is gonna be perfect during summer!!!! I am so happy and proud i found a place back home that makes awesome juice!!! Mitten love! Lol thanks guys you gained a loyal customer. I am loving every one of my juices!!!!

  46. BAD

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Jan 2014

    Didn't get a flavor out of this at all i felt as though i was just vaping air maybe didn't steep enough

  47. Definitely spacey!

    Posted by 5stringer on 17th Dec 2013

    by far a great e liquid. So many flavors it's hard to describe which flavors bounce off the mouth upon first draw. Like the other two planetary liquids, they are all great. even better once it has steeped.

  48. Enjoy

    Posted by victoria on 3rd Nov 2013

    This is a great honeydew flavor that I love to vape. Another great juice I could easily become addicted to. You Rock MEL!

  49. Yumm

    Posted by Joel on 21st Oct 2013

    I love this flavor. I received it as a sample a few months ago, and have been ordering it almost exclusively ever since. Just note, the higher the nicotine level, the more peppery it will taste.

  50. Honeydew melon

    Posted by Mia on 18th Oct 2013

    Tastes like ripe honeydew all the way, sweet, juicy and strong. It's really amazing how close to the real thing this tastes. I love it. Thank you, Mister-E!

  51. Different but good.

    Posted by David F on 14th Oct 2013

    Creamy, sweet, fruity and exotic. Its different but good. Not my favorite MEL juice but definitely always include a bottle in my order.

  52. Good mixer, but not solo

    Posted by Matt W. on 13th Oct 2013

    I was recommended this liquid by a buddy to mix with Blue Voodoo, and it was surprisingly good! However, I dont know if it was a bad batch, but when I put it in my RSST tank and vaped it by itself, it tasted like straight VG mixed with ground black pepper.. Thinking it was my RBA setup, I tried another liquid(100% Blue Voodoo) just to be sure - and got an amazing vape off the voodoo.. I've been reluctant to put another tankfull of Pluto in since. Nothin much else to say, other than I wont be ordering it again.

  53. Another good vape

    Posted by Jess Wilkinson on 20th Sep 2013

    This was a good vape. I only give it a 4 because of my own taste. Slightly on the lemon side makes this a great vape for by the pool.

  54. i love it!

    Posted by Katelynn on 19th Sep 2013

    Pluto is by far my favorite liquid that i have tried!!! I got it in 50/50 VG and the smoke is perfect the throat hit is not terrible and the taste in perfect. I do prefer the fruitier flavors and that is probably one reason i like this one so much.

  55. Its pretty good

    Posted by Kelly on 12th Sep 2013

    This isnt one of my favorites. It has a strange after taste that I cant quite get past. Its just ok imo.

  56. juciy fruit

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Sep 2013

    got as a sample a while ago, it smelled so good. I couldn't figure out what it reminded me of then I finally realized it reminds me of Juciy fruit gum for some reason.

  57. Melony goodness!

    Posted by Liam on 7th Sep 2013

    Smooth fruity vape that goes by the buckets! An all day vape that you'll crave for more! Highly recommend this.

  58. Taste just like watermelon pop rocks!

    Posted by Anthony Robinson on 3rd Sep 2013

    If there are any 90's kids here, it taste just like watermelon pop rocks. I add a drop to my Mister-E-Menthol for a change up. It's pretty tasty.

  59. Smells good and intake good but then tastes like pepper

    Posted by Robert Gaillot on 2nd Sep 2013

    I wanted to like this but I was getting more of a pepper taste to this and it not up to quality of what I have come to expect from MEL. But each have their own tastes. I steeped this for 2 weeks before tasting.

  60. Fruity

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Sep 2013

    I Like This Flavor Alot. It Has A Very Mellon Ball-ish Taste To It & Helps Give Me a Burst of Flavor When I've Been Vaping on Another Flavor For Too Long. Makes My Mouth Water :)

  61. awesome

    Posted by Tom on 30th Aug 2013

    pluto is great , honeydew all day ! mister e makes some tasty juices

  62. i love this

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Aug 2013

    this flavor was amazing i guess the sample bottle worked and i just had to order a big bottle of this baby :)Keep up the good work guys i will be back ;)

  63. Simply perfect !

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Aug 2013

    Nice clean smooth vape I've tried many and this is all I use now

  64. LIke it! Great!!

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Aug 2013

    I've been very pleased with this flavor. It's really good. RECOMMEND IT!

  65. good stuff

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Aug 2013

    got this as a sample and loved the flavor.....mixed it with my Rough Neck to smooth the flavor out....now they sent me apple strudel....another winner.....great prices

  66. THE BEST

    Posted by Deanna Gerard on 30th Jul 2013

    I have been hooked on this one since I got the test bottle with my first order. It is fantastic and I am addicted. I just ordered 36 ml. It is my go to flavor everyday all day long. I never get bored with it. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it.

  67. Pretty decent

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Jul 2013

    Got a free sample with an order. It is a good melon flavor but too light for me. I put a few drops of menthol in it and it is quite a bit better that way. Dont think I will order any but its pretty ok

  68. Melon-tastic

    Posted by Cara McGowan on 28th Jul 2013

    This is very good, it tastes like a very sweet honey dew melon which I love. It is very smooth and produces lots of vapor I have only had it two days and have refilled a vivi nova tank twice. It is refreshing and sweet. I found though that if you vape this at higher voltages it causes it to be harsh so I like to use a 1.8ohm head on a vivi nova set at 3.7 to 3.5 volts on the provari. Love it!

  69. Love it!

    Posted by michael griffith on 27th Jul 2013

    Tastes great straight out of the mail box. Pluto is my new all day vape, so far my favorite of Mr. E's flavors.

  70. Pluto

    Posted by JH on 26th Jul 2013

    recieved as a sample, love saturn but something about pluto was very unpleasant, steeped it for a week and it was mellower but still do not care for this flavor, im not even sure what it is i taste but thats just my opinion, only flavor i havent cared for out of 14 flavors ive had!

  71. Dewy Melon

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Jul 2013

    Just got my 36 ml bottle in the mail last week. Love it. Ordered before it became available by substituting one of the other flavors. Best melon taste I've found on the market. By all day vape by far. Thanks Mel!

  72. AMAZING sample!!

    Posted by The Cookes on 25th Jul 2013

    Received a tiny bottle of this & LOVED it. Checked the website everyday to see if it was finally available for purchase. Can't wait to order a BIG bottle! It has an incredible melon flavor that I found wonderfully refreshing. It reminds me of a candy I've tried before, but can't exactly put my finger on which one. Either way, I thought it made a great all day vape. If you love a fruity vape, you will love this! However, it's not as fruity as Jade Tiger, which I found WAY too fruity. Hope that helps :-)

  73. A decent melon-y vape

    Posted by Matt on 23rd Jul 2013

    Got a small free sample of this a while back. I get a lot of fresh cantaloupe or honeydew flavor out of this vape, and a few other flavors that were hard to pin down. Spot on melon flavor. Not my personal favorite, but still really tasty. Plenty of flavor and great if you're looking for something with melon.

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