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Vaping Safety

This article comes from a customer who is sharing his experience with Vaping Safety!

"The following is a true story. Only I won’t admit my name because I’m too embarrassed. It is a story about safely storing your Personal Vaporizer, especially modded vaporizers.

A 510 box mod was built. It is powered with a 14500 Lithium Ion battery. 3.7 Volts, 900 mAh. The box mod consisted of a AA battery box with an on/off switch and a momentary contact horn switch to activate the atomizer. It is a very nice unit and vapes quite well. It needed a place to be stored to keep it clean and protected. An old hard shell jewelry case was found that seemed to fit the bill perfectly. The PV was used and then put in the box. After roughly fifteen minutes an electrical burning smell was permeating the house. After a quick search, the jewelry box was seen with smoke pouring out of it. Unfortunately, the jewelry box was not a perfect fit. When the lid was closed, it pushed down on the momentary contact switch. To make matters worse, the on/off switch was left in the 'on' position allowing the PV to turn on. After quickly removing the PV from the box, which was severely scorched inside, the switch was turned off and the battery was removed.   The battery was almost too hot to touch. After things cooled down, the cartomizer that was on the PV was removed. All of the juice had been burned up, and the tape covering on the cartomizer was melted off. The soft cap of the cartomizer was difficult to remove due to some of the molten glue from the tape running inside the tube of the cartomizer. The cartomizer was allowed to cool down and then tested. Amazingly, the cartomizer showed resistance. Some liquid was put into the cartomizer and surprisingly, the cartomizer worked as if it were brand new. The burning must have “cleaned” the cartomizer.   This story had a happy ending by sheer luck. Nothing was permanently damaged. It just needed to be cleaned up. If no one was home to notice the burning jewelry box, the ending may not have been so good. A fire could have started and caused major damage to the home.  There is a moral to this story. Please be so very careful when you are storing your PV’s. Make sure if they have an external switch that it is turned off before storing the PV. Even better, remove the battery. This is especially important with modded PV’s. They generally have much more powerful batteries. If you are using a PV with a manual switch battery, remove the atomizer or cartomizer and make sure the switch cannot be accidentally pushed. There are protectors for the switches on manual batteries available as well for additional protection. We enjoy the use of our PV’s many times without thinking of the consequences of one 'running away' from us. Always keep safety first in your mind when dealing with PV’s. A little planning in advance could save you from disaster."

More will be written on battery safety, especially the Lithium batteries we use in our PV’s.   They are a great invention, but they can be very dangerous as well. Soon there will be an article concerning the Lithium batteries and how to safely handle them.