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Kanger ProTank


Product Description

The ProTank by Kanger is a bottom fed clearomizer that uses 510 threading. The coil inside is replaceable.

Included in the box:

  • Pro Tank
  • 510 connection
  • 2 x coils
  • eGo Cone

The ProTank by Kanger is a rebuildable clearomizer, which means the coil, or the heating element, can be replaced. This is very easily done as the coils are pre-made, it’s as simple as screwing it into place. The ProTank holds roughly 4 mL of liquid and features a bottom fed coil. This will help alleviate dry hits and help the coil last longer. The Evod is a very simple device to fill, just follow these instructions:

  1. Turn reservoir upside down
  2. Remove bottom cap
  3. Insert nose of bottle as to not get liquid in center post
  4. Squeeze bottle allowing liquid to flow down the interior wall of the tank
  5. Fill to below center post
  6. Attach bottom cap  ** Do not over tighten anything as it will cause leaking
  7. Let sit for 5 minutes to allow wicks to saturate
  8. Vape

To replace the coil in the ProTank, start by unscrewing the bottom cap. The coil will set on the bottom cap and has a ridged post sticking up. Twist this post counterclockwise to relieve the old coil. Screw the new coil in its place and reassemble the device. You will still want to let it sit for five minutes to allow the wicks to saturate since it is a new wick. By being able to replace the coil at a cheaper price, so long as the unit well maintained, it can save you money. The ProTank is more expensive than other style clearomizers, but is an investment that is well worth the extra cost.

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Product Reviews

  1. Keeps the flavor true

    Posted by Jana P on 18th Mar 2014

    I have been using the Kanger T2 tanks for quite a while before trying the Pro Tank. The Pro Tank is certainly heavier and crackles a bit - it crackled more with the first tank of juice that I vaped through it. I have to say, though... the best part about the Pro Tank for me is that NOT ONCE have a gotten a yucky tasting hit from it. It really keeps the flavor tasting as it should. I'm on my fouth full tank of juice and it's tasting just like everything is still new. PS> I'm using it with the regular E-Go battery. :-)

  2. worked and looked exactly like I wanted

    Posted by Nicomccart67 on 7th Jan 2014

    If you want a Protank they have it this one is the one that comes in the sealed box thats like cardboard and square not the black case. I was looking everywhere for one and finally found it great product , Love it! I never use this flavor but someone told me to use a Strawberrybanna milshake in the tank on a Vamo 5 which I have in Stainless steel and it was dilcious! I dont normally evn like that flavor or real life food or shake. I also noticed lots of vapor production! Great job!

  3. I had some problems

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Dec 2013

    The major problem i had with this tank was that the bottom pat that you unscrew actually got stuck to my ego threading and it took my a hood hour to take it off with pliers, another thing was to me the drip tip was awkward. I couldn't get a airtight seal on it with my mouth and it would cause me to sort of "choke" on my vapor.

  4. best purchase I made

    Posted by cj on 21st Dec 2013

    love this! not sure I like the size of the tip and its a little top heavy for my battery, but the hit is great! new bigger battery I think is on my list to even out the size. Love how it fills, so much easier than the plastic ones, I will be getting another one. The price is worth it!!

  5. metalic taste

    Posted by Brian on 14th Dec 2013

    I purchased this tank last month, and it is very well built , very easy to fill and replace coils, vapes nice ,and holds allot of liquid. But the only thing is that I get an extreme metallic taste with any liquid I use, I even tried putting a silicone condom on the mouthpiece and cutting a small hole thru it to vape, but even with my lips or mouth not actually touching any of the metal tip I still get that metal taste like sucking on a coin.just cant get rid of that taste.Which sucks cuz this is a very nice tank.

  6. Best investment you can make!

    Posted by Abigail Mahone on 16th Oct 2013

    Stop wasting time and money on cheap clearos! This tank is THE BEST. Great capacity, easy to fill, no leaks. I like the heavy feel of it and the cool temp vapor it produces. The vapor is the perfect thickness with the purest flavor when used with my eGo C Twist set on 3.7 (4+ can give off a burnt taste). The price is more than worth it since you can say goodbye to the frustration and mess of dealing with cheaper clearos.

  7. Totally enhances vaping experience

    Posted by Lana Stevens on 12th Oct 2013

    When I stopped in to discuss upgrading to a different atomizer and this one was brought out I suddenly had three other customers by my side telling me this was the best move I would ever make, and I heartily agree. What a difference from the inexpensive ones I was using. The flavor lasts longer and the draw is the best. I would recommend this to anyone that wishes to enhance their vaping experience.

  8. I was expecting more

    Posted by Jeremiah on 7th Oct 2013

    Before trying the Pro Tank I was using the DCT with the 1.5ohm 3 hole cartomizers. Voltage at 3.7-3.8v. And my e-juice is MEL's Grey Matter 18mg w/33%VG. I was looking forward to more vapor and maybe a stronger throat hit. I got less than that, and unfortunately I could detect a metallic taste that doesn't seem to go away. Then I made the mistake of increasing my voltage to 4.1v and immediately got a burnt taste and had to change the core. Maybe I am doing some thing wrong, but I am sticking with my original rig, it gives me great throat hits and monster clouds of vapor...enough for smoke rings.

  9. I like it!

    Posted by Denno on 9th Sep 2013

    Nice tank ,has been working flawlessly for the last week,used it on ctwist and a v3 vamo and no leaks!not all flavors taste their best out of this delivery system,i went through 5 or 6 of the juices i have before i found one that made me go WOW!Caramel apple is what tasted the best out of my stock.The protank has a cool vape and is a nice way to change up your vapeing!

  10. Delivers great flavor!

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Aug 2013

    NO DRY HITS!! my first and last wicked tank that I will purchase. I've had top feed tanks but you have to tip up or reseave a dry hit every once in awhile or get a mouth full of liquid. I love it.

  11. I saw GOD !

    Posted by T Hufford , Fl. on 2nd Aug 2013

    Quit lookin at the price , buy it ! It's heavy so it'll change the balance of your rig .

  12. Great replacement for cheap original tanks.

    Posted by Ian C. on 22nd Jul 2013

    I bought an Ego starter set and all was good but soon one of the two tanks that came with the set started leaking. A month later and the other starts leaking all over. Did some research and found this Kanger piece and now after a couple weeks I'm well pleased. If you are still using the original plastic tanks that came with your starter Ego kit, get this tank now and save yourself some mess later.

  13. Nice Looking - Doesn't Seal That well.

    Posted by Aaron on 16th Jul 2013

    I like the tank, vapor, and the way it works. I didn't like that the seal around the part you can see through doesn't hold. Leaked all over the place

  14. 2hrs in

    Posted by shawn ogo on 4th Jul 2013

    2hrs in and I love it. Very simple to use, Mister-e-liquid has brought down the price of the replacement heads, and produces great vape! If your looking to go with a atomizer tank this is probably the last one you will ever buy. Chrome tip and a Pyrex tank... you cant go wrong!!!

  15. Best tank ever!

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Jul 2013

    I have tried several clearomisers, a couple tanks, and this tank, by far is the best. Lots of vapor, great throat hit, and the flavor comes through more true than any other options I have tried. Especially considering I am using a standard eG0 passthrough.

    I cannot sing its praises enough.

  16. best tank so far

    Posted by schref on 27th Jun 2013

    got my tank today, the instructions are just tiny pictures but its pretty easy to assemble. i couldnt get it to work at first but then i relized i had to screw the atomizor into the bottom cap. now it works great, the best tank i own by far!!!!

  17. excellent!!!

    Posted by Andrew and Jessica Joiner on 23rd Jun 2013

    simple, easy to use, inexpensive and easy to replace coil heads, excellent design and styling, goes beautifully on my pro vari mini, no leakage, spectacular vapor production, very efficient juice and battery usage, short tiny wicks preserve good flavor, bottom coil ensures that dry hits are few and far between, comes with cone if u do want to use it with smaller ego batteries...could go on and on...best tank we've used thus far :-)

  18. Initial thoughts

    Posted by Joel Kolodziejczak on 21st Jun 2013

    First off, the product arrives in a nice little box with a few attachments and a tiny instruction card. The pictures are pretty small, so I recommend heading over to youtube to find something a bit more informative.

    I made the mistake of not putting the automizer in after filling the tank the first time, and ended up with e-juice all over myself as well as in my mouth when I tried to draw my first hit.

    The device, now set up properly, gives a very rich vape that I never seemed to get from the standard wicked clearomizers.

    It works fine with the standard eGo batteries, although it looks a bit top heavy due to the size of the tank itself.

    It also comes with two extra automizers. Not sure how long each one will last, so I bought an extra two to go with my order.

    Be well, and happy Vaping.

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