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Evod Instructions

The Evod by Kanger is a rebuildable clearomizer, which means the coil, or the heating element, can be replaced. This is very easily done as the coils are pre-made, it’s as simple as screwing it into place. The Evod holds roughly 3 mL of liquid and features a bottom fed coil. This will help alleviate dry hits and help the coil last longer. The Evod is a very simple device to fill, just follow these instructions:

  1. Turn reservoir upside down
  2. Remove bottom cap
  3. Insert nose of bottle as to not get liquid in center post
  4. Squeeze bottle allowing liquid to flow down the interior wall of the tank
  5. Fill to below center post
  6. Attach bottom cap  ** Do not over tighten anything as it will cause leaking
  7. Let sit for 5 minutes to allow wicks to saturate
  8. Vape

To replace the coil in the Evod, start by unscrewing the bottom cap. The coil will set on the bottom cap and has a ridged post sticking up. Twist this post counterclockwise to relieve the old coil. Screw the new coil in its place and reassemble the device. You will still want to let it sit for five minutes to allow the wicks to saturate since it is a new wick. By being able to replace the coil at a cheaper price, so long as the unit well maintained, it can save you money. The Evod is more expensive than a Ce4 style clearomizer, but is an investment that is well worth the extra cost.